LUCID AIR GT Paint Protection Film

Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating & Window Tint

This client purchased his brand new LUCID AIR GT over a year ago. He arranged to bring it to us immediately upon purchasing so we could install our protective measures.

LUCID AIR GT Paint Protection Film

The Lucid AIR GT has a massive front bumper and hood. The are magnets for rock chips and people who want to get closer for a better look at the car. This client had Ceramic Pro Pottstown install KAVACA Paint Protection Film on the entire vehicle front to back.

Ceramic Window Tint

The front windshield for this vehicle is massive. Larger than the Tesla Model X and it requires disassembly to tint in one piece.

Ceramic Coating

After the installation of our professional paint protection film was complete, we installed our Ceramic Pro ULTIMATE ION Lifetime Warranty Ceramic Coating Package. This includes 3 layers of ceramic coating on the paint + ceramic coatings on the glass, wheel faces, & exterior trim.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Increased Chemical Resistance
  • Insane Gloss
  • Ease of Maintenance – Much easier to wash
  • Reduced Wash Marring
  • Protection from Bird Bombs, Tree Sap, Road Tar, Brake Dust, Iron Deposits, Baked on Bugs & More.

LUCID AIR GT Paint Protection Film Is a Good Investment.

Lucid Air GT Video & Photos

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