Ceramic Coatings & Protection Films for your Home

Spend Less Time Cleaning & More Time Relaxing @ Home

Ceramic Coating on a Lucid AIR GT at Ceramic Pro Pottstown!

Why should I ceramic coat my home in PA?

Ceramic Coating your home with Ceramic Pro is a great investment. 

We know how beautiful your home can be, but there are several challenges that come with keeping it clean and looking its best. Stainless Steel appliances tend to smudge and streak, making them difficult to keep spotless. Marble and Granite countertops offer a luxurious look, but they don’t provide the sanitary surface needed for food preparation. Glass shower stalls are great for creating more space in a bathroom, but they require frequent cleaning to get rid of water spots.

Our Home Coating Services use Ceramic Pro products to protect and beautify your home while providing adequate long-lasting protection. 


How Does Ceramic Coating Protect My Home?

  • Reduces fingerprints & watermarks making your stainless steel appliances easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer.
  • Seals hard surfaces while preventing staining and reducing scratching on hard stone like Granite, Marble & Quartz countertops. Ceramic Coating can be applied to glossy surfaces & matte surfaces.
  • Creates a clean surface on countertops, appliances, and other home surfaces often used for food preparation.
  • Make surfaces extremely easy to clean with extreme chemical resistance, stain resistance and hydrophobic properties. 


Ceramic Pro Pottstown Home’s protective layer makes it easy to clean surfaces, even after they are dirtied with bird droppings, bugs, wine, oil or anything else. You won’t need harsh chemicals or time-consuming maintenance anymore.


Extreme Durability

Ceramic Pro 9H & TopCoat will last for life with proper care. Your home surfaces will stay looking new for years. 

Excellent Wear Resistance

Ceramic Pro Pottstown’s Home Coatings & Protective Films will stand the test of time through messes, spills and mishaps in your home. Keep your surfaces looking new and protected for years to come.


Ceramic Pro Home Coatings & Protective Films can protect many different surfaces. Kitchen surfaces, backsplash, bathrooms, glass, outdoor grills, furniture, doors, windows, mirrors & more.


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