PPF Near Me

Paint Protection Film is the number 1 way to preserve your vehicle’s paint, look and finish for as long as possible. There are other protection options out there like Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings but PPF is the way to go.

Let’s take a deep dive and give you a head-to-head features comparison to show you what we think is the best possible Paint Protection Film Choice.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Instant Self-Healing PPF

  • Lifetime Warranty (Yearly Maintenance)
  • 12-year Standalone Warranty
  • INSTANT Self Healing (No Heat Required)
  • Glossy & Matte Finish
  • Top Tier Clarity
  • Hides Imperfections Very Well
  • Ceramic Coating Compatible
  • Nano-Ceramic Infused
  • Top Tier Durability
  • Very Large Installer Network
  • Best In Class Flexibility
  • Best In Class Adhesion

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series

  • 10-year Standalone Warranty
  • Heat Based Self Healing
  • Glossy & Matte Finish
  • Good Clarity
  • Good at Hides Imperfects
  • Very Large Installer Network (mainly low-quality dealers)
  • OK Adhesion

PremiumShield Ultra/Elite/Elite Self Healing/Black & Smoke


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Elite Self Healing
  • 5 Year Warranty on other films.
  • Glossy, Matte, Colored Finish
  • Good Clarity
  • Limited Installer Network
  • Good Adhesion 

XPEL Ultimate Gloss/Stealth & TracWrap

  • 10-year Standalone Warranty
  • Self Healing (Heat Required)
  • Glossy & Matte Finish
  • Very Good Clarity
  • Good at Imperfections
  • Ceramic Coating Compatible (XPEL FUSION ONLY)
  • Large Installer Network
  • Good Adhesion 
  • Difficult to Stretch – picky installation

LLUMAR Paint Protection Film / Platinum Paint Protection Film 

  • 5, 8, & 10-year Limited Warranty
  • Self Healing (Heat Required)
  • Gloss, Extra Gloss, Black & Matte Finish
  • Good Clarity
  • Hides Imperfections Decent
  • Limited Exclusive Installer Network

The Verdict


PPF Near Me & PPF West Chester

We have had the opportunity to install and use these various paint protection films. All of the films average an 8mil thickness.

We have decided to select Ceramic Pro KAVACA as our Paint Protection Film Near Me of choice. Ceramic Pro has a support team and installer network that is second to none. The feature set of Ceramic Pro KAVACA is unmatched across the entire industry.

The installation of KAVACA for us as an installer is top tier. There is much more flexibility and stretch in the film, meaning we can cover more with it and not have to work about the film coming off the vehicle.

We hope this helped you to at least make an educated decision on what Paint Protection Film in Pottstown to choose for your next vehicle.

Things to remember:


  • Let it be said that shopping paint protection film on price alone is the #1 way you end up paying to have the job done twice. So while cost should be a factor, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you look for.
  • You run a much higher risk pulling paint protection film off of a vehicle, although usually unlikely for aftermarket film – keep that in mind when making your choice. 
  • Using a low-quality installer often leads to cut marks on the vehicle which sometimes may be too deep to remove.
  • Prep is EVERYTHING – if your installer is cutting corners on the prep, rest assured that you’ll have an issue later with the film not wanting to properly stick to the vehicle.