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So in our shop, we often need to remove the wheels (for powder coating, wheel & caliper coatings and wheel repair) from Tesla vehicles but often the number of Teslas we have outnumbers the amount of lifts we have. We needed a solution that let us jack up the cars anywhere in the shop.

Working on your vehicle means having the right tools. Tesla didn’t make this easy. They make it impossible for the owner of the vehicle to service the car without an automotive lift.

A reliable set of jack stands is one of the essential tools for any garage, whether it’s a professional shop or a home setup. However, Teslas have a minor issue – there is only one location to easily raise the vehicle – that’s at the lift point.

You usually need a rubber puck to prevent damage from happening to the vehicle as well – the problem is that when you jack it up, there is nowhere to put a jack stand!

You can technically remove some of the underbody shielding and covers to gain access to a control arm knuckle, which is indeed a solid spot to jack up the car but you can only lift it to one side at a time.

Safety Is Important

Using a standard jack, you create this “teeter totter” balancing act where you pray to whatever god you have that the stand doesn’t slide out from under the car while trying to raise the opposite side.

In comes the Rennstand which is a patented universal jack stand, that allows you to jack the car up with the stand sitting on top of the jack, at the factory lift points, install supporting legs to safely lift the vehicle off the ground.

When selecting any equipment for our shop, we place safety first and foremost. In regards to safety features, the Rennstand exceeded our expectations. A large flat base provides a stable foundation for the jackstand even on irregular surfaces.

Additionally, the Rennstand has a capacity classification of 3 tons per stand, which is greater than the Model X’s weight.


Another important factor in selecting the Rennstand was its adaptability. This jack stand is adjustable from 11 and 1/2 inches to 16 and 1/2 inches, making it compatible not only with Teslas but also with other low-profile luxury vehicles, such as Porsche.

One of our favorite features of the Rennstand is its portability. The stand is collapsible, which means it can easily be stored and transported. The space-saving design allows you to store it in the trunk of your Tesla or even take it on a road trip. Additionally, the Rennstand is lightweight, making it easy to carry.



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