For an extra charge, you can add a Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Film (PPF) to your Tesla Model 3. Paint protection film is the number one way you can protect your vehicle. 

The professional nanoceramic coating Ceramic Pro 9H consists of specific materials such as plastic, leather, glass, car paint and wheels. This gives your Tesla a complete, tailor-made, semi-permanent protective layer from the inside out. It provides an enhanced protection solution that is documented by a warranty on your Carfax vehicle history report. 

If a professional dealer purchases ceramic coating for your Model 3s, it should come with a warranty of at least 5 years. More expensive coatings have a 5-7 (in some cases 9-10) year warranty. These coatings require more extensive curing steps, including the use of a heater to cure them.  

Ceramic coatings do not alter the time-consuming washing process. They help ward off dirt and make it easier for your Model 3 to look clean, but as some reviewers have noted, you need to wipe your car after every wash to see the results. If you equip your Tesla Model 3 with your own ceramic coatings, the product available to the end user will be of lower durable quality and may need to be reapplied every 2-3 years, but there is speculation that the quality of the product will be the same if you apply a heat-cured process and achieve longer-lasting results.

Whether you add a ceramic coating (PPF) to your Tesla Model 3 is your decision. If you are looking for the best nano-ceramic coating for your Tesla, the factory-painted ceramic nano-ceramic coating Ceramic Pro is a clear and obvious choice. However, if you plan to attach a stick accessory such as a front license plate holder or spoiler, hold the ceramic coating of your Model 3, or at least the holding surface of the Model 3.   

Our interior and exterior coatings for Tesla are applied by certified and trained assembly experts, with each layer providing protection for 10 years or more. With a combination of ceramic coating and lacquer protection film (commonly referred to as clear bra or PPF) we improve the overall gloss and depth of your surface.  

Ceramic coatings are paint protection fluids that are applied to existing vehicle paint and help ensure that the underlying paint surface remains protected and gives its best for many years to come. Clear ceramic coatings ensure a high crystalline gloss and are particularly effective on metallic lacquers, where metal flakes can easily chip off. A simple analogy for thinking about ceramic coatings is like a non-stick surface you would find on a pan – clear ceramic coatings prevent something from sticking.  

Nanoceramic coatings are an insane paint protection solution. It is a common myth that ceramic coatings give shine, but that is not true. Tesla paint is soft and susceptible to chemical etchings of birds, lime, bugs, sap and acidic properties.   

Once a person has applied the entire detail to the varnish, make sure it is in a clear coat of paint and in the best possible condition for use, and make sure everything is done correctly.  

Depending on the quality of the application, the number of coatings and the curing time, the application can take between 5 and 36 hours. The average durability of exterior window coatings for daily driving in a vehicle is 12 to 24 months with proper maintenance. Washing and decontamination protects your ceramic coatings and ensures that you get the maximum durability and return from them.   

There is a time, after thousands of miles on the road, when a car begins to see its share of dents, scratches, dirt and other marks that begin to damage an otherwise immaculate exterior. When the time comes to wash your car for dirt, dirt and bugs, do it with ease with a Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating.  

Ceramic coatings protect your Tesla from pollution, harmful UV rays, insects and acids. Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings protect paint, glass, headlamps, rear lights, PPF paint protective film, wheels, metal panels, powder-coated surfaces, and smooth plastic panels. The application of Ceramic Pro 9H helps to add depth to the paint surface of the vehicle.