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So the first thing to know is that getting your car, truck, van or SUV “detailed” isn’t the same as getting it “washed” or “cleaned”.

What is detailing?

Detailing is the practice of restoring a vehicle’s appearance to or as close to factory new appearance as possible. That means that years of neglect and abuse will be erased from your vehicle, within the bounds of reality.

Our Service is Easy To Use

We come to you at home or work and perform car detailing services, on your schedule. You don’t need to worry about getting a ride or dropping your car off somewhere.

Interior Detail

We will scrub the interior of your vehicle to give it that showroom new feeling again. We only use approved cleaners for the automotive industry.

Hand Wash

Hand washing your vehicle ensures that there will be minimal scratching and marring of the vehicles clear coat and paint. The products we use ensure a superior clean and shine.

Hand Wax

Upon request, we will apply a carnauba wax or a ceramic infused wax to your vehicle, providing you with the ultimate protection. Having wax installed on your vehicle also makes cleaning it easier, as there will be less surface bonded contaminants that can cling to your paint.

Wheel Cleaning

We will clean your wheels by hand, ensuring that baked-on brake dust, road grime, tar, and other contaminants are removed, thus restoring the factory shine and appearance to your wheels. We will also apply a high-quality tire dressing to your wheels, that won’t sling all over your paint.

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

We will clean the leather surfaces in your vehicle with special approved cleaners that won’t damage your leather. After cleaning, we will apply a conditioning solution, to keep your vehicle’s leather feeling soft and will prevent cracking.

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Built up Grime!

Having your car detailed means that every single crack and crevice is inspected and cleaned of dirt and debris. In some cases that can even mean the removal of your vehicle seats or parts of your interior. Remember, just vacuuming the floor in your vehicle doesn’t make it clean either.

Years of use, dirt, skin cells and grime can build up on interior surfaces. Sometimes the build-up of dirt and grime can even look like the finish of your interior is failing!

Avoid the Car Wash!

Running your car through the local car wash is super convenient right? It looks cleaner when it comes out the other end and all the dirt is removed. WRONG!

Every single time you run your vehicle through a touch tunnel style car wash (the style with large spinning brushes) you cause at minimum $500 in damage to your vehicle’s finished painted surfaces. Each of those brushes holds on to and traps dirt and debris and then drags those contaminants across your vehicle’s paint, creating swirls, scratches and marring in the clear coat.

These scratches and swirls can only be removed with paint correction. Detailers use random orbital polishers along with special micro-abrasive compounds to polish out these imperfections.

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