High Quality Porsche Paint Protection Film

Stop rock chips & scratches on your new Porsche!

Imagine the worst thing that could happen to your new Porsche. It’s expensive and sleek, but it gets hacked with rock chips in an instant! Now imagine having this abuse day after as you drive around town looking at all those rock chips – it would break anyone’s heart, wouldn’t it? To prevent such tragedy protect yours today by having our professional paint protection film installed. 

Keep your car looking like new with the help of this high-quality paint protection film. This clear, durable substance will protect against scuffs and scratches while also making sure that you never get rock chips again!

Frequently Asked Questions


Watch this video explaining what paint protection film and ceramic coatings are.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a multi-layer clear or semi-transparent urethane film that is stretched over the high-impact areas of your Porsche. It can be installed on any painted surface It is currently the only form of protection available for your vehicle that will protect it from stone chips and scratches.  

If you’re driving a Porsche, you want to keep it looking as pristine as possible. That’s why paint protection film is worth considering. This clear film acts as a barrier between your car’s paint and the elements, protecting against chips, scratches, and other damage.

How does Paint Protection Film help stop rock chips on my Porsche?

Paint protection film is a clear, tough film that is applied to the paintwork of a vehicle. It helps to protect the paint from chips, scratches and other damage. The film is virtually invisible and does not change the appearance of the vehicle.

How is Porsche Paint Protection Film Applied?

PPF is applied to your vehicle after we complete our in-depth prep process. Part of this process includes chemical & physician decon with clay bar. We will make sure the vehicle is clean, use a wax & grease remover to ensure the vehicle surface is squeaky clean, and then spray our soap and water slip solution onto the paint. We will then remove the film from the release liner and lay it onto the car in the correct areas. We will then begin our squeegee process to remove the slip solution and lock the film into place.

Q: Does Paint Protection Film Fade or Yellow?

Early versions of paint protection film often had that issue but as the technology surrounding clear bra paint protection film has progressed through time, that isn’t an issue any longer so long as you are using one of the top-tier films in the industry, like Ceramic Pro KAVACA & a few limited other choices.

Can Paint Protection Film be removed?

Absolutely. You can use a steamer along with some patience to remove the old paint protection film. Remember to lift the film and pull it laterally toward you, not upwards.

Q: How Long Will Paint Protection Film Last?

Paint Protection Film typically has a life span of 8-12 years. That means that for that time frame, your vehicle will still look brand new because of the paint protection film. Your paint protection film installer is what makes the biggest difference in how your paint protection film install holds up. You should be using shops that have certified installers. Our Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film has a 12 year warranty or even a LIFETIME Warranty. 

Q: How do I take care of my Paint Protection Film?

These are rules to live by.  1. You should stay away from automated car washes that have spinning brushes. They do nothing but grind dirt into your vehicle at high speed. 2. You can use a self-serve car wash – the pressure washer wand soap & rinse only. NEVER THE FOAMING BRUSH. Be sure to keep the tip away from the film.  And 3. Hand wash with a 2 bucket system and quality microfiber wash mitt. You can read more about How to Care for Your Car After PPF & Ceramic Coating on our blog.


The answer is our Ceramic Pro KAVACA Paint Protection Film from Ceramic Pro Pottstown.

  • DURABILITY – KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film offers an industry-leading 12-year warranty against cracking, fading, yellowing, and discoloration. Its warranty is truly unmatched.
  • SELF HEALING: KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is self-healing meaning that minor scratches and abrasions will typically disappear once exposed to heat (such as the sun).
  • NO ORANGE PEEL – KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is the only PPF on the market that has NO orange peel. That means the clarity of your paint shows through without giving an undesirable texture.
  • CERAMIC IMPREGNANTED – KAVACA Ceramic Coated features nano-ceramic particles in the adhesive layer and the top coat layer of this film. That means you get an increased shine and gloss and amazing chemical resistance VS other films. Chemical resistance is one of THE most important features of a film.
  • CERAMIC COATING COMPATIBLE – Installing a Ceramic Coating on top of your KAVACA Ceramic Coated Self-Healing PPF is highly recommended to add a layer of protection. PPF requires highly trained and expensive materials and prep to install correctly so you should do everything you can to protect it.
  • EASY WARRANTY – Our professional-grade Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic Coated Self-Healing PPF provides you with an unmatched industry-leading warranty.

T0p Rated Paint Protection Film For Porsche in Pottstown, PA

We keep our Paint Protection packages simple. We offer 4 packages for you to select based on your driving and the protection you want, OR you can completely customize your protection package.

Custom Paint Protection Film for your Porsche

You can add any panel that you like to any given package. Usual changes are adding complete doors to white vehicles, adding entire rear bumpers, adding doorsills, and more.

The Ceramic Pro Pottstown Value Protection Statement

We guarantee that NO ONE will offer you a better quality install for the price you pay here. The value you receive working with Ceramic Pro Pottstown is industry-leading and cannot be beaten.

We invite you to do your own research – Ceramic Pro Pottstown is the best choice for installing paint protection for your Porsche.

Partial Front Porsche Paint Protection Film

Partial Front PPF Package

The partial front is the bare minimum of paint protection we would ever recommend any Porsche owner get. We usually don’t recommend it on white vehicles because the exposed edge will eventually get dirty over time.

Recommended for vehicles meeting these requirements:

  • Vehicles NOT seeing track use
  • Vehicles NOT being driven aggressively


  • Front Bumper
  • Partial Hood
  • Partial Fenders


$1799 – Porsche 718, 911, Taycan, Panamera

$1899 – Macan, Cayenne

Full Front Porsche PPF

Full Front PPF Package

The Full Front is by far the most popular Paint Protection Package that we offer. It covers all of the forward-facing areas that are often most affected by everyday driving.

Recommended for vehicles meeting these requirements:

  • Frequent PA Turnpike, 76, Philadelphia, 422 and 309 & Commuter Driving 
  • Vehicles seeing any aggressive driving
  • Vehicles seeing track use


  • Front Bumper
  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Mirror Caps
  • Headlights (included no charge)
  • Fog Lights


$2899 – Porsche 718, 911, Taycan, Panamera

$2999 – Macan, Cayenne

Road PPF Package (Ceramic Pro Exclusive)

The Road Package is by far the best bang for your money Paint Protection Package that we offer. We created this package to offer our clients an exceptional value that cannot be matched. This covers almost all of the major impact areas on your Porsche.

Recommended for vehicles meeting these requirements:

  • Frequent PA Turnpike, 76, Philadelphia, 422 and 309 & Commuter Driving 
  • Vehicles seeing any aggressive driving
  • Vehicles seeing track use
  • Vehicles Seeing Any Extended Driving


  • Front Bumper
  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Mirror Caps
  • Rocker Panels (or lower door on Y)
  • Behind Rear Wheels
  • Headlights 
  • Fog Lights
  • A-Pillars to front of roof
  • Rear Luggage Loading Trunk Strip


$3599 – Porsche 718, 911, Taycan, Panamera

$3799 – Macan, Cayenne

ELITE Full Body PPF Package
(Ceramic Pro Exclusive)

The full body paint protection film package is recommended for those Porsche owners that want uncompromised, end-to-end, top to bottom protection for their vehicle. This is the ultimate investment for your vehicle and will not be matched.

Recommended for vehicles meeting these requirements:

  • Owning more than 2 years
  • Frequent PA Turnpike, 76, Philadelphia, 422 and 309 & Commuter Driving 
  • Drivers seeing frequent close quarters parking
  • Vehicles seeing any aggressive driving
  • Vehicles seeing track use
  • Vehicles Seeing Any Extended Driving
  • Owners who want the best of the best protection


  • All Painted Areas Protected
  • * EXCLUSIVE CERAMIC PRO ELITE DEALER ONLY: Includes One Layer of Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl TopCoat Ceramic Coating ($750 value)


$9499 – Porsche 718, 911, Taycan, Panamera

$10,999 – Macan, Cayenne

+$1500 Full MATTE

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self healing paint protection film
self healing paint protection film
self healing paint protection film
self healing paint protection film
self healing paint protection film

What are the features of Paint protection film?

Paint protection film is applied on top of the paint and acts as a sacrificial layer, taking the brunt of the damage so your paint doesn’t have to. Paint protection film is also clear, so it won’t alter the color or appearance of your Porsche.

Our paint protection film contains nano-ceramic particles that help increase the rigidity of your ppf and make it super easy to apply. Paint Protection Film is the best way to protect your Porsche from the elements.

KAVACA’s newest innovation, the Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film has self-cleaning properties. Less washing and it stays cleaner longer – meaning you save valuable time that can be spent doing what really matters most to YOU!

Our Invisible Paint Protection Film can provide maximum protection in the areas you need it most, meaning that by installing a thin layer of paint-protective material on your vehicle’s surfaces only those exposed parts will be protected.


teslas ppf clear bra

This is the truth about Porsche paint protection film and how the rest of the world sees it. 

If you want to make sure your money is spent on only one time, then we offer the best paint protection film service in Eastern PA. But there are many people who say that it isn’t worth spending because they don’t understand that repainting a car is a bad thing and don’t know how much detail goes into a professional job like Ceramic Pro Pottstown does with each vehicle; those individuals will tell anyone different – almost as if someone should really take advice from others without any experience or knowledge about what actually happens at our shop! 

The other side of this discussion will have nothing but positive things to say. That is because they have definitely purchased paint protection film and it has either kept their vehicle looking new, saved them money at trade-in or resale time or it has protected them from an accident. Our shop has grown to be the #1 installer of high-end paint protection film in eastern PA by catering to clients that understand the value of protecting their vehicle and want this work done correctly.


Things you may not realize about your car and what it says about you

You might be surprised to learn that some cars actually appreciate in value. And if they don’t, think of all the money you’ll save by driving a car that looks brand new but is actually paid off!

The exterior of a car accounts for more than half its value when selling or buying it. It’s important to keep your vehicle looking good so people will pay you what it is worth!

The paint on your car is a big investment. That’s why most dealerships offer this protection. The problem is that it is really nothing more than an easy-to use spray wax with backing from third-party insurance companies! They are selling you a gamble.

Paint protection film lets you enjoy your car more: Cars are meant to be driven! Drive it hard and have peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about rock chips.

You also don’t need to worry about paint correction, polishing or waxing your vehicle anymore because of the self-healing film.

Did you know that repainting your vehicle is NOT in your best interest? Repainting your vehicle automatically implies that it has been damaged, even if you know it has only been minor issues related to rock and stone chips.

You car WILL turn heads. You will attract attention from car people and noncar people alike because your vehicle will look absolutely amazing and will


Why Ceramic Pro Pottstown to install Paint Protection Film

IN HOUSE, NOT OUTSOURCED: When you work with Ceramic Pro Pottstown, you are dealing with the shop that is going to be doing the work. That means that you don’t need to worry about the work being outsourced to a low-quality vendor. That means we are going to be installing exactly what you need to protect your Porsche and keep it looking new using our cutting machine and custom paint protection film patterns.

DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: Your new Tesla deserves the best protection and we know that Paint Protection Film is not something you want to take lightly. It’s important for us too! That’s why our team will do everything in their power to make sure this job is done correctly. You should choose a shop that chooses high quality over speed when applying Paint Protection Film on your Porsche.

PICK UP & DELIVERY: Ceramic Pro Pottstown will be happy to meet you at any of the local dealers such as Porsche Mainline, Porsche of Warrington, Porsche of Allentown. We can ensure the vehicle is properly transported to our secure facility. If you drive your Porsche to our facility, we are happy to provide you with transportation to get home or work. We can even arrange flatbed or covered transport for your vehicle. We are also happy to meet you at your home to save you hours of traveling to and from our facility.

COMPUTER CUT FILM: Our 64″ wide plotter will cut custom kits that will fit your Porsche perfectly. That means no poorly trimmed edges!

COMMUNICATION FIRST: We believe that communication is paramount. We will always put your questions and responses first and always treat you the way you should be – like a top-tier client. We will send you photos of your vehicle throughout the installation process.

CONVENIENT CLIENT AFTER HOURS SERVICES: After-hours drop off and weekends by appointment are available.

FULLY INSURED: Ceramic Pro Pottstown carries a comprehensive insurance policy to cover any disastrous damage to your vehicle.

SECURE – Our Facility is under 24/7 lock and key and by appointment only. Our facility features 24/7 video surveillance. Your vehicle is NEVER kept outside. We can store your vehicle for up to 1 week after service is complete.

FACTORY CERTIFIED INSTALLERS: All of our installers are Certified to install Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Films & Coatings. They have gone through hours and hours of rigorous training to be approved.

tesla paint protection

Porsche Paint Protection with Self Healing PPF

Avoid rock chips. You can rest easy getting to drive your Porsche every day and be protected. That means you get to drive how and when you want. 

tesla ppf near me

Things you need to know about Paint Protection Film for Porsche

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the paint protection film for your Porsche. Ceramic Pro Pottstown specializes in paint protection film and believes you should have all the facts about clear bra.


ppf tesla

#1 Porsche Paint Protection Film Experts in PA

If you want to protect your new Porsche 911 or Porsche Taycan and prevent unsightly damage over time – Ceramic Pro Pottstown will install industry-leading self healing paint protection film. Hundreds of hours of training with steadfast dedication to quality and professionalism is what makes us an industry leader.

These are some of the biggest reasons that installing paint protection film on your Porsche is really important.

Rock chips will ruin the value of your Porsche! Paint Protection will stop chips!

So imagine you just picked up your new Porsche and it looks flawless. That’s a great feeling, right? Now imagine that you just had to run and take the kids to school or run a quick errand. You’ve returned home and you get out of the car and find  HUGE rock chip in the front bumper. Your heart sinks. Paint protection film helps to keep these rock chips from damaging your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings add value to your vehicle.

The KAVACA Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings are reported to CarFAX. These CarFAX entries are extremely valuable. When you either private sale your Porsche or trade it in, you will receive a higher trade-in value for these services. It indicates to dealers and other owners that you care about the vehicle.

Get your Porsche protected with Paint Protection Film IMMEDIATELY.

The best thing to do is to arrange to have your vehicle picked up from the dealer the day you take ownership and delivery of the vehicle. You should arrange to have it brought straight to Ceramic Pro Pottstown. Scheduling your appointment is best done weeks in advance.

Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating’s work together!

The best of both worlds is possible. You can have the impact-resistant and self-healing features of KAVACA Paint Protection Film and the amazing gloss, ease of maintenance & chemical resistance of Ceramic Coatings. With our PPF & Vinyl Base Coat & TopCoat ceramic coatings, protecting your Porsche is extremely easy.

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