How will Paint Protection Film Tesla keep my Model S, 3, Y or X looking new for years to come?

The Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film is the perfect solution for protecting your Tesla’s paint. This clear polyurethane film can absorb impact damage and stop rocks from chipping away at it, so you never need to worry about what happens when driving or parking on rough terrain again!

The 12-year warranty makes this an affordable option as well – so you can feel good knowing that your vehicle is protected and not need to worry every time you get drive the vehicle.


Why does the paint on the Tesla get chipped up so easily?

Clearcoat on vehicles today is much thinner than it was 10 years ago. That means that clearcoats, in general – have become more brittle and prone to chipping over time due not just because of the speed limit but also because cars are traveling at high speeds where before they may only be going 45 or less. Another problem has been taking place lately: Tesla’s low-to-ground shape combined with large front ends make them easily damaged by flying road debris.

There are many hazards for drivers of Tesla vehicles. This is due to the fact that their wheels stick out beyond underneath the body panels, which can send rocks and other debris flying down into your paint job on either side when driving through bad weather or dirt roads with loose gravel at higher speeds. We can even install your mud flaps.

How does Paint Protection Film Work?

Paint protection film is a thin, protective layer that helps protect your Tesla from the outside world. It’s made up of five different components: The first is a “cap sheet” to keep it clean and prevent friction damage during shipping; next, there are scratch and puncture-resistant layers that help shield your car against scratches or other damages like rock chips. Then comes the self-healing anti-graffiti layer. Lastly, Nano Ceramic particles are mixed into the topcoat of the film, giving it a significant boost in chemical resistance.

In order to protect your Tesla from all of that debris out there, like rocks & branches; we recommend installing paint protection film by Ceramic Pro Pottstown. This will provide a clear layer that can withstand any challenge while keeping your vehicle looking good as new!

Your vehicle will be cleaned and decontaminated with our proven wash methods to ensure that the surface of your Tesla is as clean as possible. Part of this process is the use of iron remover, tar remover, and usage of a clay bar and or machine polishing prior to film installation, which ensures a contaminant-free paint job for you!

We use distilled water mixed with baby shampoo in order to create a slip solution that allows the film to float on the surface. Ceramic Coating also works with Paint Protection Film. We recommend Ceramic Pro 9H.

What areas on my Tesla should I be protecting with paint protection film?

Tesla owners know that their new cars are as important to them as the first time they stepped onto an operating floor. They want to protect it and give it a layer of armor when possible so while there is no one package perfect for every Telsa out there, our Full Front option goes above and beyond what most dealers offer by protecting everything on your hood, bumper, fenders & mirrors too! Other areas to consider protecting are the rocker panels, lower doors and rear bumper.

What is self healing paint protection film?

Our Ceramic Pro KAVACA Paint Protection Film has a self-healing property. This means that minor abrasions, scratches and swirls will typically “heal out” or disappear when the vehicle is exposed to the sun. Our industry leading paint protection film will keep your vehicle looking brand new for years.

This is the hidden truth about why paint protection film is so important.

Investing in paint protection film is really important because a vehicle without PPF installed will eventually become road rash and chipped up so bad that you will have to repaint it. This will immediately decrease the value of your car by hundreds if not thousands. Repainting a vehicle also implies that it has had some type of damage in addition to the painted panels never matching the OEM paint perfectly. You can avoid this devaluation by installing our paint protection film.

It will ALWAYS be cheaper to replace paint protection film on a panel (for example – a front bumper is anywhere from $500-$650 for new PPF) whereas having it painted CORRECTLY will cost thousands and usually ends up being blended into another panel which costs more. 

How long will paint protection film last on my Tesla?

Our paint protection film lasts for up to 12 years, so that means you can enjoy a protected vehicle every day and not be concerned about the look being ruined.

What should you look for when choosing a paint protection film installer for your Tesla?

  1. They have great reviews – the customer experience should be paramount in your choice and should be reflected in online reviews. Ceramic Pro Pottstown boasts more than 100 5 Star Reviews.
  2. Knowledge is extremely important – They should have expansive knowledge of how paint protection film works and installs on your Tesla including proper equipment such as computer cut plotters, sprayers. They should also be fluent in proper film handling techniques as well.
  3. They should have a clean facility – cleanliness is super important to ensure that your vehicle looks good.
  4. The facility should be temperature controlled – Paint protection film installs best at a set temperature point. Without proper heating and cooling, paint protection film will not properly cure or install on your Tesla.
  5. They should specalize in your brand of vehicle – We work on the majority of Tesla’s that come out of the Devon and Cherry Hill, NJ locations.

Why Ceramic Pro Pottstown?

When you work with Ceramic Pro Pottstown, you are dealing with the shop that is going to be doing the work. That means that you don’t need to worry about the work being outsourced to a low-quality vendor. That means we are going to be installing exactly what you need to protect your Tesla and keep it looking new using our cutting machine and custom paint protection film patterns.

Your new Tesla deserves the best protection and we know that Paint Protection Film is not something you want to take lightly. It’s important for us too! That’s why our team will do everything in their power to make sure this job is done correctly. You should choose a shop that chooses high quality over speed when applying Paint Protection Film on your Tesla.

Ceramic Pro Pottstown will be happy to meet you at the Tesla Dealer in Devon, PA, Lancaster, PA or even in Cherry Hill, NJ to ensure that your Tesla is properly transported to our secure facility. 

If you drive your Tesla to our facility, we are more than happy to provide you with transportation to get home or to work. We can even arranged flatbed or covered transport for your vehicle. 

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