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What is Tesla Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is the only way to go if you want to keep your Tesla’s paint looking good as new. Paint protection film is an 8 mil thick, clear polyurethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of your vehicle.

Tesla Paint Protection (clear bra/ppf) will help protect from rock chips, scratches & chemical staining. It is the only protection in the world that can stop rock chips and scratches from damaging your Tesla.

Many Tesla owners have their Teslas wrapped with paint protection film and then add ceramic coating on top of the PPF for extra protection.


Customize and Protect Your Tesla with Ceramic Pro Pottstown Elite Dealer

Do Teslas Need Paint Protection?

Tesla vehicles need to comply with California VOC standards, which means the paint that Tesla chooses to use is not as strong as other solvent-laden paints. This means that the paint cracks and chips easier, and the clear coat is thinner.

Painting a car is also the most expensive part of the process – so Tesla will use as little as possible if they can.

So in short – yes. 

Is PPF the right choice for me? 

We get asked this often, and there is no uniform answer because everyone’s wants and needs are completely different. Let’s start by asking yourself these questions: 

Do you love driving your car whenever and wherever you want? Do you cringe when you hear sand and rocks bouncing off the pavement?

Do you constantly obsess over the look & finish of your vehicle? Do you want to protect your investment?

Are you in a high-profile job where your appearance judges you? Are you driving clients from work in your vehicle?

If you answered YES to any of these, paint protection film in some form is likely a good fit for you. 

Is getting paint protection film for your Tesla a wise investment?

Paint protection film for Tesla offers numerous benefits to owners that want to preserve the car’s new look. It shields the paint from everyday scratches and damages, such as rock chips.

Tesla Paint Protection Packages


Full Body PPF Package

(Ceramic Pro Exclusive)

Includes: Full Body PPF Coverage, One Piece Rear Hatch, Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl TopCoat 4-Year Coating Package

The full body paint protection film package is recommended for those Tesla owners that want uncompromised, end-to-end, top to bottom protection for their vehicle. This is the ultimate investment for your vehicle and will not be matched.

Road PPF Package (Ceramic Pro Exclusive)

Includes: Front Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Mirror Caps, Rocker Panels (or lower door on Y), Behind Rear Wheels, A-Pillars to front of roof, Headlights, Fog Lights, Rear Luggage Loading Trunk Strip, Headlights, Fog Lights

The Road Package is by far the best bang for your money Paint Protection Package that we offer. We created this package to offer our clients an exceptional value that cannot be matched. This covers almost all of the major impact areas on your Tesla.

    Full Front PPF Package

    Includes: Front Bumper, Hood, Fenders, Mirror Caps, Headlights, Fog Lights

    The Full Front is by far the most popular Paint Protection Package that we offer. It covers all of the forward-facing areas that are often most affected by everyday driving.

    Partial Front PPF Package

    Includes: Front Bumper, Partial Hood, Partial Fenders

    The partial front is the bare minimum of paint protection we would ever recommend any Tesla owner get. We usually don’t recommend it on white vehicles because the exposed edge will eventually get dirty over time.

        How do I take care of my Paint Protection Film?

        There are a few guidelines to follow.

        1. You should stay away from automated car washes that have spinning brushes. They do nothing but grind dirt into your vehicle at high speed.

        2. You can use a self-serve car wash – the pressure washer wand soap & rinse only. NEVER THE FOAMING BRUSH! And

        3. Hand wash with a 2 bucket system and quality microfiber wash mitt. You can read more about How to Care for Your Tesla After PPF & Ceramic Coating on our blog.


        A Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is a business that provides the highest level of surface protection services. They are certified by the factory and are trained in the installation of Ceramic Pro and KAVACA products. This means that their staff is expected to offer services that exceed the expectations of most installers.

        In addition, they carry every Ceramic Pro and KAVACA product, which allows customers to receive a single-source solution for the protection of their entire vehicle.

        The Elite Dealer’s focus on customer experience is paramount, and they are required to offer specific amenities that are not available from many installers. This allows customers to have a pleasurable experience when receiving service from an Elite Dealer.


        Top-Tier Service

        Factory-Trained Installers

        Full Ceramic Pro Product Lineup

        Full KAVACA Films Product Lineup

        Detailing With Americana Global Products

        Elite Customer Experience

        What things should I be looking for when looking for Tesla Paint Protection?

        First and foremost, you’re going to want to find a shop that installs a professional product and is going to stand behind its work. If you don’t do your research – you are likely to end up spending the money twice to have PPF installed on your Tesla. 

        It is of the utmost importance that you choose the correct shop the first time. 

        1. Does that shop have a Quality Brand of film?

        The brand of paint protection film being installed on your Tesla should be a professional application-only product, come with a 10-12 year warranty, be at least 8 mils in thickness & self-healing. 

        2. COMPUTER CUT VS BULK INSTALLS  Does that shop have a plotter or do they do everything by hand? Investment in a plotter is the #1 investment a shop can make in its role as a paint protection shop. It is by far one of the largest investments & shows they are committed to their craft.

        3. How much PPF is that shop installing? They should be doing multiple cars – shops that are low volume and installing only 2-3 jobs per month are a red flag that they do not have the experience that you are looking for. 

        4. Are edges wrapped? Ceramic Pro Pottstown is a big proponent of wrapping every edge that we can. Although you cannot stretch film to meet certain edges or hide certain seams – installing paint protection film on your Tesla with wrapped edges is extremely important to ensure that film looks good for years to come. 

        5. Is their shop clean & temperature controlled? A clean shop with a sealed floor system is a priority to have clean PPF installs. You should definitely be looking at photos and videos of the shops you are thinking of choosing. In addition – having temperature control is one of the most important parts of a quality paint protection install. PPF is hard to install in extreme cold and extreme heat and often leads to a bad install. 

        What Paint Protection Package Is Best?

        The level of PPF coverage you elect to purchase should be based upon a few different things such as how much driving you’re doing, how long you plan to keep the vehicle, how you plan to store it, etc. 

        We offer a Partial Front, Full Front, Road Package & Full Body. The Road Package is by and large the most purchased package. It includes the hood, bumper, fog lights, headlights, fenders, mirror caps, partial A-pillar to the roof, rocker panels/lower doors, area behind the rear wheel. 

        How Long Does Tesla Paint Protection Take To Be Installed?

        That can vary depending on the shop setup, installer skill and type of film a shop uses. Typically you can expect anywhere from 2-4 days for a Full Front PPF and 4-7 days for a full body paint protection film on your Tesla.

        Tesla Model Y full body Matte paint protection film by Ceramic Pro Pottstown

        Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film Cost

        The Tesla Model Y is the 2nd most sold Tesla of all time, but unfortunately it’s also one of the easiest to damage due to the size of its front bumper. To avoid any potential damage, Model Y owners can install Clear Bra paint protection film for their vehicles. Installation takes about a few hours and costs between $500-$700 depending on the shop chosen. Model Y Clear Bra provides an extra layer of protection from rocks, salt, sand and other road debris that can cause scratches or chips to a vehicle’s body. Consider installing Model Y Clear Bra to enjoy your Model Y in pristine condition with maximum protection.

        Is Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film Good For Tesla?

        Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF is one of the best-looking and highest-quality films on the market. It comes with unmatched gloss & chemical resistance, a 12-year warranty, is self-healing, and stops rock chips and scratches!

        Ceramic Pro KAVACA PPF is installed on the high-impact areas of your Tesla to protect them from Rock Chips. The SiO2 particles impregnated into this PPF and its adhesives reduce the ORANGE PEEL. This makes the film crystal clear and almost invisible. 

        Is there a MATTE Tesla Paint Protection Film?

        Ceramic Pro KAVACA MATTE is a satin/matte semi-translucent film that can be applied to your Tesla. Your vehicle will show the base color but there will be no glossy properties. It offers you a great way to protect your vehicle while also providing a truly unique way to customize to stand out from the crowd.


        How Much Does Tesla Paint Protection Cost?

        The price of paint protection film varies from shop to shop. It is largely based upon the area & installer skill set of that shop. You can expect to pay $2000-$3000 for a full front from a reputable shop that installs Paint Protection Film on Teslas on a regular basis. We offer packages as low as $1200 but PPF can cost up to $8500 on your Tesla.

        Clear Bra is an important tool to protect the value of your Tesla. It acts as a shield between your car’s paint and external elements such as rocks, gravel, and other potential hazards like salt and bird droppings. Clear Bra can drastically reduce repair costs due to these unavoidable forces by preventing costly damages before they occur. Not only does Clear Bra keep your Tesla looking shiny and new, it also saves you time in getting your repair done quickly since it reduces the damage that needs to be fixed. By investing in Clear Bra protection for your Tesla, you will enjoy years of protection for both its appearance and value.

        Will Tesla Paint Protection Film Save Me Money?

        Paint Protection Film will save you thousands of dollars. Suppose you factor in the losses you sustain after having documented body work done, lost seller trust. In that case, the paint no longer matching after being repainted, the time you spend going to a body shop and getting a rental – the cost of paint protection film over the time that you plan to own the vehicle will be much less than the amount you will lose from having your vehicle poorly repainted.

        The video below shows a Telsa Model S PLAID that was damaged in a decent-sized accident which almost certainly would have needed to be repainted had there not been paint protection film on the car. After doing some calculations on the value, the car would lose if it needed the immense amount of bodywork that Tesla wanted to do – it would have cost this client $10,000 in vehicle value. The repair to the paint protection film & some paintless dent repair was only $2000.

        How hard is a Tesla Paint Protection Film Install?

        Truth be told paint protection film is not an easy skill to learn however that is subjective based upon the training that a person has. Paint protection film on Tesla is very much an art form. Knowing where to stretch and where to lock film in to place is a skill that is learned over time and is not easy to come by. You only learn by doing it – this is why it is highly suggested that you work with a professional shop to install paint protection film. Tesla paint protection film ppf is a difficult skill to learn.

        When is the best time to get Tesla Paint Protection near me?

        Immediately after picking it up from the dealer. Many people will book an appointment to have paint protection film installed on their vehicle as son as they place an order. The truth is that you will immediately begin to accumulate rock chips on your Tesla within the first week. All it takes is to be behind one single road salt truck or truck without good mud flaps.

        Your Tesla is only new one time. You should take the proper precautions to protect it immediately to prevent costly damage from ruining its pristine finish.

        What is Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection Film cost?

        Depending on where you shop, you should expect to pay $2000-$2500 for a full front paint protection film package (hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirrors) and anywhere from $6500-$8000 for a full body paint protection film package.

        This will vary based upon the skill set of the shop that you choose. 

        What Brand of Paint Protection Film Should I get on my Tesla?

        There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question – the best paint protection for Tesla may vary depending on your specific use. However here are a few tips to look for in a quality film:

        • It should be a professional film from Ceramic Pro, SunTek, STEK, XPEL or Premium Shield to name a few.
        • The film should have a 10-12 year warranty.
        • The film should be Self-Healing – meaning that minor scratches & abrasions disappear when exposed to heat.
        • It should be Ceramic Impregnanted or “Ceramic Coated” – all newer paint protection films are now manufactured with SiO2 particles to increase their chemical resistance.

        Using these tips you can select a quality film to be installed on your Tesla.

        Ceramic Coating On Top of Tesla Paint Protection

        Ceramic coating on top of your paint protection film is HIGHLY recommended. Remember that paint protection film is softer than vehicle clear coat (hence why it stops rocks) – so applying some additional protection is a very good idea. In addition, your vehicle looking amazingly glossy, will be much easier to wash & offer protection from bird bombs, tree sap, baked on bugs & more.

        Our other blog guide Tesla PPF VS Ceramic Coating may also help you decide which protection option you want.

        Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings add value to your vehicle.

        The KAVACA Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings are reported to CarFAX. These CarFAX entries are extremely valuable. When you either private sale your Tesla or trade it in, you will receive a higher trade-in value for these services. It indicates to dealers and other owners that you care about the vehicle. This warranty is also transferable to the next private owner, creating real tangible value for your vehicle.

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