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Total Detailing continues to set the bar for professional, high-quality Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating for Cars in Pottstown, PA. We are constantly reviewed as “Honest. Reliable. Professional.” and “The best place to get a Ceramic Coating for Cars in Pottstown PA“. Total Detailing of Pottstown, PA specializes in Ceramic Coating for Cars on just about every type of vehicle out there. From commuter cars, daily drivers to luxury sports cars – we can install a professional ceramic coating.

We use Ceramic Coatings provided by Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro is one of the world’s largest Ceramic Coating manufacturers, backed by an industry-leading warranty program. As a Ceramic Pro  Certified Studio, we can offer you professional Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings, Ceramic Pro Sport, Ceramic Pro 9H and Ceramic Pro Top Coat.

Ceramic Pro is a ceramic coating system that is installed on your vehicle in multiple layers. It is a flexible glass-shield nano-coating that seals in your vehicle’s paint and exterior surfaces, protecting it from the elements. Ceramic Pro is at minimum 3x harder than the clear coat on your vehicle. 


BMW M3 Ceramic Coating Paint Protection At Ceramic Pro Pottstown

Protect Your Investment!

Cars are extremely expensive to maintain properly. A Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating will help you to preserve that new look with a deep, wet, and glossy shine for years to come. The amount of time and money you would spend waxing and washing your car to get it to look its best all year, the ceramic coating pays for its self. 

Amazing Gloss After Every Wash

After the ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle, it will have that amazing glossy shiny look all the time. You truly cannot compare it to anything else because there is nothing else like it. With proper care, it will stay that way. 

Less Work

When the ceramic coating is applied the surface becomes extremely slick. That means that dirt and grime don’t bond to the surface thus making the vehicle extremely easy to clean. Washing and drying times are drastically reduced, so you get to enjoy your car more and work to keep it clean less. 

Ceramic Coating for Cars

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Benefits of choosing Total Detailing

  • BEST IN INDUSTRY WARRANTY – Total Detailing is a Ceramic Pro Certified Detailer Studio. This allows us to offer you some of the best options for warranty service in the entire industry. Our professional-grade Ceramic Coatings provide you with flexible warranty options for your vehicle’s newly installed coating. You have an option to maintain the vehicle yourself or utilize our professional level maintenance services for up to a LIFETIME warranty on your coating.
  • WHITE GLOVE VEHICLE PICK UP & DELIVERY: We offer white glove vehicle pick up and drop off of your vehicle from your home. We know your time is valuable and coordinating transportation with other people can be difficult. We can pick up your vehicle and then deliver it again once the job is complete.
  • CLEAR EXPECTATIONS – There is nothing worse than having the world promised to you and having it fall short due to unrealistic expectations. We will take the time to explain how the process works and what to expect.
  • AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE – We know that you care about your vehicle. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a budget-friendly option based on cookie-cutter packages sold by detailers. We take the time to listen to your wants & needs and come up with a service that will work for you.
  • DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME – Total Detailing knows that you don’t want to worry about dropping your vehicle off for service and then have to worry about the job being done right.

Questions that you should be asking

  • What does that company specialize in?
  • Are they paint protection specialists?
  • Are they a professional or do they do this on the side?
  • Do they carry insurance?
  • Where is your vehicle stored?
  • Do they have prompt response time? Are they responding to your calls and questions and treating you respectfully?
  • Are they a certified installer for a professional brand?
  • Do they have positive reviews?
  • Are they a licensed business?
  • Are they performing the proper prep work and not cutting corners?
  • Are reasonable product claims being made?
  • Integrity – can you trust them to do the job correctly?
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