When it comes to Tesla coatings, there are a lot of different options on the market. Some shops will try to sell you a single-layer ceramic coating that doesn’t require any maintenance. This may seem like a good deal, but it’s not in your best interest as the client. Our shop at one point installed single layer ceramic coatings. We learned very quickly with the amount of come backs we were having that single layer ceramic coatings were NOT a quality solution.

A multi-layer installation such as Ceramic Pro with a yearly maintenance requirement is the best way to go if you want your Tesla coating to last. Yes – that yearly maintenance visit costs money – this article will explain why

Lets first take into account the science behind ceramic coatings. Some several components and processes take place when installing a ceramic coating on your Tesla.

What is a Telsa coating or ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a liquid solvent-delivered protective solution that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the paint, creating a layer of clear protection. Quality ceramic coatings use a mixture of TiO2/SiO2 and silanes.

What are the benefits of a Tesla coating?

Ceramic coatings offer Tesla owners protection from the everyday wear and tear of driving. With a quality ceramic coating, you can expect:

  • Protection from UV rays and fading
  • Chemical resistance
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Water beading/sheeting
  • Superior Gloss & Shine
  • Makes washing extremely easy
  • Never having to wax again

How is a Telsa coating applied?

The first step is to prep the Tesla paint. This includes a thorough wash and decontamination process. Once the Tesla is prepped, if necessary, perform a paint correction (yes, on some cars, it may not be necessary, those who tell you that it is required are strictly stroking their ego).

The application process begins by pouring out 20 drops of ceramic coating onto an applicator pad so that it becomes saturated. Then the applicator with the coating is applied to the vehicle in a cross-hatch motion over a 1ft x 1ft area.

The tesla coating particles are suspended in a solvent solution called a carrier solvent. This solvent keeps the particles from curing while in the bottle. When the coating is exposed to the open air, the solvent begins to evaporate, depositing the SiO2/TiO2 particles onto the surface. This coating cures to form a protective barrier via a covalent bond with the surface of the clear coat during a process called cross-linking.

Single layer ceramic coatings are low quality and low effort.

Some shops will want to pitch you a single-layer ceramic coating application on your vehicle under the guise of it being “new technology.” The only thing this does is provide the installer with a low-effort, low-quality product. These products typically clog very easily and will fail quickly. They are also typically not very strong and will not protect your vehicle properly.

Multi-layer ceramic coatings are an actual legitimate protective solution.

When done correctly, a multi-layer ceramic coating is an actual legitimate protective solution. A good quality multi-layer ceramic coating will typically have a minimum of three layers with some having up to seven.

The base layer is what adheres the coating to the paint and provides added protection against UV rays, chemicals, and dirt.

The middle layers are where the majority of the coating strength is built. These middle layers provide added depth, gloss, and protection. The layers are installed in a very specific time frame so that they cross-link with the previous layer properly and bond properly. This is by design – the more material you’re adding to the vehicle, the strong the coating is. This is simple science.

The top layer or sacrificial layer is what takes the brunt of abuse from UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, etc. The top layer of the Tesla Coating is what provides you with a super glossy and hydrophobic surface.

Why are ceramic coating hydrophobic properties important?

The hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating are important because it helps keep your Tesla clean. Water beads up and rolls right off the surface taking dirt, grime, and other contaminants with it. This makes washing your Tesla much easier and less time-consuming.

Why are Tesla coating with no maintenance requirement bad?

Beware if you come across a ceramic coating with no maintenance requirement from a professional install shio. This is a large red flag indicating that the shop installing the work only wants to line their pockets for the least amount of effort put into each car.

The comparison is that your engine warranty isn’t going to be valid if you never change the oil. You MUST properly care for your ceramic coating – this is true of every single coating on the market. If you don’t follow recommended care procedures, you’re going to see a ceramic coating fail early regardless of the coating manufacturer. Single layer systems will fail much faster.

Why do I need to have my ceramic-coated Tesla serviced every year?

The short answer is that you need to have your Tesla serviced yearly to maintain the coating warranty but tats not the only thing the shop wants to see you for. A good quality multi-layer ceramic coating will come with a minimum of a two-year warranty with some going up to five years or even lifetime. In order to maintain that warranty, you MUST have the vehicle serviced by an authorized installer. The goal of that installer is to a. see you again – they want to talk to you and enjoy your company as a client! b. make sure the coating is performing properly and c. if there is an issue, take care of it before it becomes a problem.

The goal isn’t to get rich from your visit – it’s to make sure we continue to take care of your investment.

Things to remember to make your ceramic coating last:

  • You should avoid parking under trees.
  • Avoid leaving bird bombs on the car for extended periods.
  • Avoid letting bugs bake into the paint for weeks at a time.
  • Stay away from corporate park sprinkler systems.
  • Don’t wash in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t let the car air dry – you must dry the car.
  • Follow proper wash methods and use high-quality manufacturer-recommended care products.
  • You CAN use a touchless automated car wash but remember – these chemicals are extremely aggressive and can reduce the effectiveness of the coating if used repeatedly.

How should I wash my Tesla coating?

You should wash your Tesla weekly or as needed. Use a pH-neutral soap and make sure to rinse the car completely before moving on to washing. You can use a foam cannon if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. Make sure to avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the paint, as this can break down the coating. We recommend you wash our various 2 Bucket Wash Method videos. We have several on our Youtube channel.

What should I look for in a good ceramic coating shop?

  • When looking for a good ceramic coating shop, you should look for the following:
  • They should have a dust-free and temperature-controlled environment
  • They should use only high-quality products
  • The installers should be certified by the manufacturer
  • The shop should have liability insurance
  • The shop should have a clear warranty program.
  • They should be setting realistic care expectations.

Conclusion about Tesla Coatings

So, in conclusion, don’t be fooled by single-layer ceramic coatings. Multi-layer is the way to go to ensure your Tesla has the best possible protection against the elements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Ceramic Pro Pottstown. We’re always happy to help!

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