Premium Ceramic Coating with a 10 Year Warranty

Total Detailing is a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer. This grants us access to a very specific line of professional-level coatings, allowing us to offer you ceramic coating options that provide great protection and amazing visual quality of your vehicle.

About Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Pro 9H is a unique dedicated coating for the Ceramic Pro Installers Only Its fast curing formula allows application under various conditions. With amazing self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties, it will provide extended chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint.

Ceramic Pro Silver + 10 Year Warranty Ceramic Coating

  • 10 Year Warranty – This program comes with a 10 Year Warranty, trackable through the manufacturer of the coating, with Ceramic Pro. The warranty is maintained by performing yearly coating maintenance with a Ceramic Pro Certified Installer. The warranty is reduced to 5 years if you plan on self-maintaining your vehicle and its coating.
  • Warranty Coverage: Registered with 30 days of the application of the coating, your warranty covers Gloss retention, Environmental impact, Protection against UV damage, Self-cleaning properties, and Water Repellency (Hydrophobicity).
  • 9H Hardness Rating
  • Resists chemicals ph. within 2 to 11
  • Extreme Slickness & Hydrophobicity – makes keeping your vehicle clean a breeze. 
  • Fast Cure Time: The product needs a minimum of 3 hours after application before being exposed to atmospherical impact and another 14 days with no detergent wash. It is ALWAYS recommended that you wait 24 hours before exposing the vehicle to water.
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How to care for your vehicle’s coating:

  • Do not wash your car with the use of any chemicals for 14 days from the coating application.
  • Do not use automatic touch or touchless car washes. Using hand wash only.
  • Do not let contaminants like bird droppings remain on any surface. You should remove them as soon as possible.
  • Do not expose to acid, caustic chemicals, and any other contaminants that you are aware of.
  • Follow the You Drive = You Care principal. Each Car is subject to a unique life. The harsher the life, the more maintenance it requires.
  • If any damage occurs, Contact your Ceramic Pro certified detailer, do not try to fix it on your own.
  • Always wash your car once it is cool and out of direct sunlight, never when the car is hot.
  • Wash your vehicle every 1,000KMS, 650 Miles, or every 2 weeks.
  • Use good maintenance detail products like Americana SOAP, Ceramic Pro Care Maintenance Products at least once a month.
  • Attend your yearly coating maintenance service every 12 months or 25,000KMS/15,000 MILES with your Ceramic Pro Certified Installer & Detailer.


Ultimate Ceramic Protection Package
– This service provides the ULTIMATE level of protection for your vehicle. Using the Ceramic Pro 9H & Ceramic Pro TopCoat coating, we provide your vehicle with some of the most extreme and flexible protection that the industry can offer. Your vehicle will receive a 2 step compound and polish paint correction that will refinish and revitalize your vehicle’s paintwork.

Your vehicle’s warranty is registered directly with Ceramic Pro so you can keep track of your warranty.

  • Gloss: 5/5
  • Water Beading: 5/5
  • Hardness: 5/5
  • Self-Cleaning: 5/5
  • Warranty: 10 years (with yearly maintenance program)
  • Paint Prep: Chemical & Physical Paint Decontamination, Paint Correction  (75%-90% Scratch & Swirl Removal)
  • Also Includes: Interior Quick Detail
    • Cars (Sedans & Coupes): Starting at $1450.
    • Medium SUV: Starting at $1650
    • Trucks: Starting at $1750
    • Large SUV: Starting at $1850
    • Vans: Starting at $2250

*Note, prices subject to change based upon vehicles condition*

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