Frank brought us his Tesla Model Y. He knew that there are some significant paint-related issues surrounding Telsa vehicles. He wanted put down some protection that would help to keep it clean and protect it from the harsh elements. 

Paint Coating for Tesla

So the first thing we did, was hand wash and decon the vehicle. It was pretty cold out so we had to adjust our normal washing methods. 

  • Hand Wash with our LIFT Strip Soap to remove old waxes and sealants.
  • Chemical Decontamination with Tar Remover & Iron Remover
  • Mechanical Decontamination with a mild Clay bar
  • Paint Enhancement Polish on the Telsa Model 3
  • Degrease Vehicle with our STRIKE Solvent/IPA Wipe
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze Ceramic Coating Package

Ceramic Pro Wheel Coating

The Ceramic Pro Bronze Package also comes with an application of Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper to the faces of the wheels. So now these will be MUCH easier to clean and will be protected from brake dust build-up and salt spray.

Best Ceramic Glass Coating

Here in PA, hard water is a serious problem due to all of the fracking we have here. It gets into sprinkler systems, city water, well water, and all of the runoff on the roads. It can etch glass in a single day if not removed. We installed Ceramic Pro Glass on all of the windows. 

Best Paint Coating for Tesla

The Ceramic Pro Bronze is our entry-level multi-year ceramic coating package. It provides the vehicle with superb protection. Ceramic Pro is the Best Paint Coating for Tesla.

  • Protects the Tesla Model 3 from the harsh elements
  • Super Hydrophobic surface means contaminants wash off much easier.
  • Hardness Above 9H
  • Amazing Gloss & Finish 
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