Window Tint is the #1 after-market accessory that is added to most of the cars on the road today. Window tinting on your new Tesla, truck, or SUV is a great way to add privacy, make your vehicle cooler on hot and sunny days, and protect your interior from UV damage. 

There is a lot of bad information on the internet about window tinting so hopefully, this will explain to your the major differences in types of window tint and what they do for your vehicle.

Is Window Tint Legal in Pennsylvania? 

Every state has varying window tint laws. Here in PA, according to for sedans, you can have 70% VLT tint on the front windshield (but any darkness on the first 3″), 70% VLT on the side windows (both front & rear) and 70% VLT on the rear window.

For SUV & Vans – the windshield must have 70% VLT (any darkness is allowed on the first 3″)  and front side windows must have 70% VLT. The rear side windows and rear window may have any darkness. 

PA does NOT allow reflective window tint to be installed at any VLT. 

What is VLT?

VLT is the abbreviation for Visual Light Transmission. VLT is the defined unit of measurement for how dark window tint is. The higher the VLT, the lighter the window tint. Example – If you ask for 25% darkness tint to be installed on your Tesla or Porsche, that means that the window tint will only allow 25% of total light to be transmitted through the film. 

The lower the VLT number, the darker the tint. Any VLT that is 50% or above, in general, is very light. Lower VLT tint shades also do a better job at blocking out heat.

My car came with tinted windows on the back, do they offer UV rejection?

Most newer vehicles from Tesla, Audi, Porsche, Ford, Chevrolet, GM & others all come with privacy glass installed in the rear parts of the vehicle. This is not window tint but actually dyed during the manufacturing process. 

Factory-dyed privacy glass offers ZERO heat rejection. That means that tinting the 2 front windows is not enough to protect or cool your interior. We recommend installing a 70% film over the privacy glass, such as Ceramic Pro KAVACA IR Ceramic Window Film. IR window film offers a 99% UV rejection and typically a 90% or better heat rejection rating. The 70% film doesn’t darken your windows so it won’t affect your nighttime visibility. 

What different types of window tint are there for my Porsche?

There are typically 2 different types of window film. The first is Color-Stable or Carbon/CS Film. We offer Ceramic Pro KAVACA CS Carbon window film which is a non-metalized, nano carbon-infused window film. Most color-stable film is considered to be an entry-level film with little to no UV or heat rejection.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA CS Nano Carbon Film breaks that industry stereo type, offering 99% UV Rejection and 70% IR Heat Rejection and non metalized so there is no electronic celluar interference.

Ceramic Pro KAVACA IR Nano Ceramic Film is currently industry leading in terms of feature set & quality. KAVACA IR offers 99% UV Rejection and 96% UV Heat Rejection. The Ceramic IR Film is also much thicker than standard Color Stable Film so it is much more durable.

Ceramic IR also offers a much more crisp viewing image as the film is signifigantly clearer than other films on the market. Ceramic IR film is currently gold standard in terms of top tier window films – if you want the best – Ceramic Pro KAVACA IR is what you want. 

Both KAVACA CS & KAVACA IR offer a lifetime warranty against purpling, hazing and peeling.


What are the benefits of installing window tint on my Tesla?

There are more than a few reasons to install window tint on your vehicle. Let’s talk about a few of them.

  • Enhanced Privacy – Tinting the windows on your vehicle will help to prevent people from seeing you or are bare minimum reduce the amount of you that they can see, from the outside. No one likes to feel like they are being watched. 
  • UV Rejection – Window Tint has UV Ray rejection properties. This is great for you as a person since certain types of UV Rays can cause cancer – luckily KAVACA Window Tint prevents them from entering the vehicle. 
  • Heat Rejection – The worse part about owning a car with nice interior leather, is that it gets super hot during the summer. It can even burn you if left in the sun too long. Window tint can reduce the amount of UV energy that is transmitted into the vehicle. Your vehicle will still be hot if you leave it in the sun on a hot summer day – but cooling the vehicle down will take much less time and you will be more comfortable much faster.
  • Dimming the sun – during commute hours, it can often be difficult to see and drive with the sun in your face. Having a windshield brow or tinting your side windows can help to make that sunlight much less painful.
  • Protects your investment – Buying a vehicle is an investment. You want to take care of the interior as much as you can. UV exposure is the #1 thing that causes interiors to degrade, fade and crack over time. Window tint helps to protect your interior surfaces by reducing the number of UV Rays that it is exposed to. 
  • Shatter Proof – KAVACA Window Tint is safety rated – that means if your window gets smashed or broken, the glass will stay together instead of shattering everywhere. That can be a theft deterrent if someone tries to steal your vehicle and can be a safety feature, so you aren’t hit with flying shrapnel when glass shatters in an accident. 

Why should I let Ceramic Pro Pottstown tint our vehicle?

There are more than a few reasons to install window tint on your vehicle. Let’s talk about a few of them.

  • Certified & Factory Trained Installers – Our window tint installers have attended factory-certified training from Ceramic Pro and have pissed rigorous technique and quality tests to ensure you receive top-quality service.
  • Clean Environment – We install window tint on a regular basis which means our shop must always be clean. Our shop is cleaned daily to ensure that your install is as contaminant-free as possible.
  • Shaved Edges – We customize all of our computer cut films so that we get maximum coverage. We then shave the window edges to ensure you get a clean and crispy window tint install. Don’t ever settle for gaps.
  • We compete on quality & not price – there are always places that will install window tint cheaper. Our services are priced so that we can take our time and do every install right. If we don’t like how a piece of film looks, we will pull it off and do it again. We always want quality over quantity.
  • Computer cut film – Hand cutting has gone by the wayside in window tinting. Our computer cut patterns are customized to ensure we get maximum coverage on every install we provide. Not every car can be computer cut but our state-of-the-art film plotter and cutting software houses the most extensive library of window tint patterns.
  • Bottom-loaded installation – bottom loading is the artform of removing door panels and installing window film below the gasket on the window. This ensures that the window film isn’t lifted off or ripped at the bottom of the window when it is rolled up and down.

What is the best window tint?

The answer is clear. Ceramic Pro KAVACA CS & IR Window Films are the winner by a mile. 

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Film offers a much larger feature set when compared to other films, better heat and UV rejection numbers, more VLT selections. 

Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Tint is the clear choice for your new vehicle.

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