2019 Toyota Camry XSE

1 Step Paint Correction
Gyeon Q2 Flash 10 Year Coating
Gyeon Q2 View Glass Ceramic Coating
Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield Interior Ceramic Coating
Gyeon Q2 Rim High Heat Ceramic Rim Coating


Mike brought us his 2019 Toyota Camry. He decided on Total Detailing because of the rave reviews he had seen on Google. After meeting in person, Mike told us he wanted to do everything that he could to protect his vehicle. He had gotten the vehicle for a very good price and wanted to preserve its look for years to come. 

Paint Ceramic Coating

Here are the steps we followed to prep the vehicle for Ceramic Coating:


Mike wanted to coat the faces of the wheels on his Camry to make cleaning them a bit easier. We put the vehicle up on our lift, took the wheels off, gave them a full decon and then applied the ceramic coating. The Gyeon Q2 Rim coating is specifically designed to withstand high-heat and abuse from corrosive brake dust. A regular ceramic coating would typically fail very quickly due to the heat build-up.


Here in PA, hard water is a serious problem due to all of the fracking we have here & the number of mineral deposits we have. It gets into sprinkler systems, city water, well water, and all of the runoff on the roads. It can etch glass in a single day if not removed. We installed a ceramic glass coating on all of the Glass Exterior. This ultimately protects the glass from water spot etching AND beads water quickly to get it off of the windows in extreme weather thus significantly increasing safety.


Mike also wanted to protect the leather inside of his vehicle. If you didn’t know, the leather inside of most modern vehicles isn’t actually leather but painted vinyl. As newer vehicles decline in craftsmanship and quality, so does the quality of the paint used on the leather. It can fade, crack and even flat out peel off over time if not properly protected. We used Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield to leave a invisible barrier on the leather to help to keep it protected. 

  • Full Cleaning of all Leather Surfaces
  • IPA Wipe Down of all Surfaces to remove any residutal residues
  • Application of Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield Ceramic Leather Coating
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