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Vomit & Throw Up Removal – we’ve got your back and can help you reclaim your ride from those stains and smells. Total Detailing offers professional vomit clean-up bio removal services PA and uses a special process and professional safety requirements with proper training to eliminate vomit and these horrible odors and stains, human and animal feces, biohazardous substances, and other body fluids from your vehicle.

First, we use personal protective equipment and remove and properly dispose of any large portions of the bio-matter or biohazardous waste to prepare the area for cleaning.

Second, we are utilizing specialized equipment, a special enzyme cleaner to neutralize the smell from the bio-matter or biohazardous waste with a proper disinfection protocol plan by bio one technicians. This is the “vomit” or “throw up” smell that you recognize.

Third, we use high-pressure steam to sanitize the affected area.

Fourth, if necessary, we use a carpet extractor to lift the residue and solution from the vehicle.

Finally, we give the vehicle an oZone machine treatment. This is the most important part of the process as oZone (or o3) naturally feeds on the proteins in bio-matter. The protein is what creates the smell that is displeasing. oZone saturates the vehicle and removes the odor left behind. Learn more about Total Detailing by visiting our About Us page or contact us today!

Real Customer Testimonials
“Highly recommend this business. Gabe was very professional and responsive. I contacted him at 7:00 PM and he came out at 8:30 PM. My son threw up in the car and after I scrubbed it, it still smelled. Gabe came out and cleaned it and left it smelling fresh. So glad I called him. Thank you Gabe!”

Lauren D. – Google Review

“This is the perfect service for anyone limited on time. Amazing customer service – full explanation of services and costs associated ahead of the work being completed, as well as follow-ups to make sure expectations were met. Car needed interior door removal and needed to be deodorized due to a passenger vomiting in the car and into the door panel. Car was also smoked in for the last 8+ years and the car now smells brand new.”
Dana P. – Google Review

“I am a former smoker and a current large dog owner and my car smelled of old cigarettes and dog before Gabe cleaned it. My car looks beautiful inside and out and she smells even better.”
Logan T. – Google Review

“A great experience! Gabe was on time, and cleaned my seats thoroughly and efficiently! My seat was soiled with a biohazard liquid and he took care of it lickety-split! A true professional!”
Seth T. – Google Review

“Total Detailing did a great job on my Lexus. The car looked showroom new when they were finished. They also removed a difficult odor issue. Very professional and good communication. I will use again.”
Jordan S. – Google Revidew

“Gabe came to my house at 10pm to clean my car out. Great job, quick and thorough. Highly Recommend his Services!”
Bob S. – Facebook Community Member

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