2 Amazing Offers for the 2020 Holiday Season! 


Total Detailing is proud to announce our 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Week Deal!

Save up to 50% on our Ceramic Pro Bronze Package. (Normally priced at $1400)

The Ceramic Pro Bronze package is a 2-year CarFax verified warranty coating application. Our Bronze package is a complete coating package that covers all painted surfaces, exterior plastics, glass, and wheels!

The Ceramic Pro Bronze Package gives you:

  • Freshly “Waxed” Look –  every time you wash your vehicle
  • Improved Chemical Resistance – Prevents Clearcoat Damage
  • Improved Scratch Resistance – True 9H Hardness
  • Self-Clean Surface – makes washing your vehicle much easier
  • Extremely Slick & Hydrophobic Surface – water just falls off the vehicle
  • UV Protection – Protect your vehicles paint from fading in the sun
  • Protection from the elements – bird bombs, acid rain & hard water etching
  • Improved Window Visibility – water sheets off of the windows, you use your wipers less, and is much easier to see in bad weather.

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package is:
Paint Enhancement Polish (some vehicles may require additional polishing/paint correction)
1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat on all exterior surfaces
1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper on wheel faces
1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Glass on windshield and front 2 windows

Quantity is extremely limited!
Reserve your spot for only $49 today ($649 due upon completion for Cars and 2 Row SUV’s)

*Some vehicles may require additional paint correction
**Commercial Vehicles are excluded
***Vehicles with clear coat damage are not eligible
****Neglected vehicles are not eligible
*****Service must be performed no later than 5/15 (after 5/15 you have a $49 credit toward any full-price service)
*****Paint Enhancement Polish is performed with a DA polisher using 1 pass with polishing foam pad. This should have a 50-60% improvement (or better) on paint defects. Final outcome is based on the original condition & vehicle clear coat hardness.
****** Trucks & large SUV’s, add $100

******* Inspection appointment required to asses vehicle condition

For Booking Your Service:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 484-854-1447

Warranty information available at: CeramicPro.com/warranty


You can save 10% on gift cards this 2020 Holiday Season from NOW until December 31st! This will make a great gift for a loved one looking to have their vehicle ceramic coated, polished, or for maintenance washes on your ceramic coated vehicle.

For new service appointments in 2021. Gift cards have a 12-month life span from the date of purchase. Gift cards will be void after that time period. Gift cards are non-refundable. Full Terms & Conditions

NOTE: Some appointments and services offered by Total Detailing may exceed the amount on your gift card. The customer will be responsible for any amounts additional beyond the gift card amount.

For Booking Your Service:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 484-854-1447

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