$1,150 per set of 4

  • Wheels removed, tape and cover entire vehicle, sand & prep calipers.
  • High heat primer paint
  • High heat base coat in the color of your choice
  • Clearcoat applied
  • Replace OEM replica badging (if applicable)
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Coating


Professional Caliper Painting Montgomery County PA

A brake caliper is your car’s first line of defense against a collision. Without it, you could find yourself in danger when stopping suddenly or needlessly wearing out the brakes pads and rotors due to uneven wear on all four wheels from not having enough braking power for that side. Brake caliper painting can be used as an additional protective measure by disguising them with custom colors: go ahead, get creative!

Customized Brake Caliper Paint West Chester PA

Brake calipers are a crucial part of your vehicle’s brake system. Each brake caliper protects the car’s brakes and pistons, slowing down wheels with resistance from metal against rotors. Though these parts may seem unimportant to many drivers, Total Detailing offers a service that can help you make your automobile unique by painting them in any color imaginable so you can have good-looking painted brake calipers!

Professional Caliper Painting Service, Phoenixville PA

Ceramic Coating your Calipers is a great way to provide additional protection. Ceramic Coating will protect from brake dusty etching, road salt damage and help to keep them clean for longer. If you want to protect your expensive brake kit, ceramic coating your painted calipers are the best option.Contact us today!

Ceramic Pro Sport is an amazing product — and it’s a budget-friendly option that provides excellent protection for your vehicle. We wash your vehicle and decontaminate it with a clay bar & iron remover. The prep stage here takes 1-2 hours — and then we apply Ceramic Pro Sport.

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Why We Ceramic Coat Painted Calipers

1. Prevents Damage

Your wheels & calipers are under constant attack from road treatment chemicals, water runoff, brake dust, iron deposits, road tar, and more. Applying Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper paint from paint companies help to prevent those contaminants from damaging the surface of your wheels

2. Easier to Clean

Wheels & rims are very difficult to clean. To get a wheel completely clean it often requires very aggressive chemicals and a wide variety of brushes like wire brush and techniques. In some cases, a wheel must be completely removed. Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper makes keeping your wheels cleaner for longer a much easier task. 

3. Wheels & Calipers are the biggest attraction on your vehicle

Your wheels say a lot about you and your ride. Protecting them from nasty chemicals and remove brake dust damage should be one of your biggest concerns for a set of nice wheels.Doing everything you can to make sure they are protected and look good will be one of the best investments you could make for your wheels.

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