Meet Justin Cain

The Peruvian Prophet of Paint Protection

Justin Cain is Ceramic Pro Pottstown’s newest Automotive Surface Protection Specialist.

Justin brings years of paint correction, ceramic coating, window tinting and paint protection film experience to our team and will be a pillar for the growth of our team moving forward.

Paint protection, window tinting & paint correction is a passion for Justin and he makes it his goal to bring his A-Game on every single vehicle he works on. He embodies the spirit of “LIKE MY OWN” that we try and instill into every install at Ceramic Pro Pottstown.

Justin loves driving around in his STI that has been fully worked over & custom-tuned. He takes these V8’s to Gapplebees on a regular basis. Justin also LOVES Spanish Food – he typically is devouring some type of Latin delicacy every time you turn around.

Justin loves spending time with his family, driving around in his Subaru, hanging with his crew at Team Boxer Squad East and of course making paint shine!

Justin brings a new level of dedication and craftsmanship to our team and ultimately to the community and our customers.

PROTIP: If you bring Justin food when you come in to see him, he will be your best friend forever.

Why You Should Choose Total Detailing 

  • SECURE FACILITY – Our secure facility ensures that your vehicle stays under 24/7 video surveillance and lock and key.
  • ONE-STOP SHOP – Our team specializes in automotive protective services. We can take care of ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window tinting all in one location. No need to run your vehicle all over to different shops.
  • WE DO THE WORK – which means we control the quality of the work being performed.
  • LOW VOLUME SHOP – That means we aren’t “turning and burning” vehicles. We operate our shop at a slower pace so that means that your vehicle gets the attention and time it deserves, without corners being cut.
  • FIRST WASH IS ON US – You can bring it back within the first 30 days for a “check-up” wash – no charge. We make sure everything is performing as intended and can give you hands-on education with the care of your vehicle.
  • WHITE GLOVE VEHICLE PICK UP & DELIVERY: We offer white glove vehicle pick up and drop off of your vehicle from your home. We know your time is valuable and coordinating transportation with other people can be difficult. We can pick up your vehicle and then deliver it again once the job is complete.
  • CLEAR EXPECTATIONS – There is nothing worse than having the world promised to you and having it fall short due to unrealistic expectations. We will take the time to explain how the process works and what to expect.
  • AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE – We know that you care about your vehicle. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a budget-friendly option based on cookie-cutter packages sold by others. We take the time to listen to your wants & needs and come up with a service that will work for you.
  • DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME – Total Detailing knows that you don’t want to worry about dropping your vehicle off for service and then have to worry about the job being done right.
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