2019 Mercedes AMG G-Class SUV

Mercedes Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating


This client brought us 2019 Mercedes AMG G-Class SUV aka G-Wagon for a complete makeover and protection upgrade. 

Interior Ceramic Coating

DuPont makes the ceramic coating options you get from Mercedes. DuPont is one of the worlds leading chemical manufacturers it, however is NOT known for its ceramic coatings. The dealer applied this DuPont coating all over the interior and it began to shed the second we touched it with a very gentle interior cleaner.

After we saw that happen, we went around the interior of the car to find that the installer at the dealer gave the absolutely lowest effort possible on this install. It was truly horrible. The pictures tell all.   

Paint Correction

The paint had not been treated nicely. It was covered in water spots and really bad compounding haze. This indicated that the last person to polish the car, didn’t finish out the paint properly. We ended up having to compound some areas of the car twice before polishing. 

Paint Protection Film

After polishing the whole truck, we began our paint protection film installation. The client opted for our Full Front PPF Package – We covered the Hood, Bumper, Fenders & Mirrors in our Ceramic Pro KAVACA Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film. This film stops rock chips, stops scratches, and carriers a 12-year warranty. 

Ceramic Coating

After the installation of our professional paint protection film was complete, we installed our Ceramic Pro Gold Lifetime Warranty Ceramic Coating Package. This includes 5 layers of ceramic coating on the paint + ceramic coatings on the glass, wheel faces, & exterior trim.

This G-Wagon will receive these benefits from our Professional Ceramic Coating

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Increased Chemical Resistance
  • Insane Gloss
  • Ease of Maintenance – Much easier to wash
  • Reduced Wash Marring
  • Protection from Bird Bombs, Tree Sap, Road Tar, Brake Dust, Iron Deposits, Baked on Bugs & More.
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