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Ceramic Coating PA with Ceramic Pro ION at Ceramic Pro Pottstown

Are you looking for a ceramic coating shop to protect your vehicle? With so many options available, it can be tough to know which and type of ceramic coating is best for you. It’s important to understand the differences between the various types of ceramic coatings on the market today in order to make an informed decision.

Choosing a Ceramic Coating Shop in PA

At Ceramic Pro Pottstown, we only use Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings, one of the world’s top-tier multi-layer ceramic coating systems. Many other detail shops will offer single-layer ceramic coatings at lower prices; however, there are several reasons why investing in a high-quality multi-layer system is beneficial in the long run.

Multi-layer ceramic coating systems are superior because they provide the highest level of protection and durability; each layer adds to the total protective coverage, resulting in an even coat that will last for years.

Single-layer ceramic coatings are less expensive because they don’t offer nearly as much protection or longevity. This is not to say that there aren’t some quality single-layer ceramic coating systems out there but the vast majority are, infact low quality.

You must select a ceramic coating that can only be installed by a professional in your search to protect your vehicle. Professional Ceramic Coating Manufacturers require these installers be a bonified business with insurance, a shop, and verified training.

Installing a Professional Ceramic Coating PA without certification is the number one way you end up costing yourself a lot more money than paying to have it done right the first time.

What Is A Ceramic Coating PA?

Ceramic coatings are a liquid solvent-delivered protective solution. The coating is applied by hand on to the exterior vehicle surfaces such as the paint, glass, trim and wheels curing to a hardened layer of protection. The protective elements in a ceramic coating are using various qualities and styles of SiO2 (Silicon dioxide), TiO2 (Titanium dioxide), and Polysilazanes.

The ceramic coating protection is delivered onto the surface via an evaporating carrier solvent. When the solution is exposed to oxygen, the solvent begins to evaporate. The act of evaporation deposits the ceramic coating onto the vehicle’s surface.

This layer of ceramic coating will protect your car from scratches, swirl marks, UV rays, oxidation, harsh chemicals, and bird droppings.

Single Layer Ceramic Coatings Are Not What You Want

As I mentioned, 90% of single-layer ceramic coating systems have several flaws and problems. The most common issue is that they do not contain enough SiO2 or TiO2. This is also often referred to as “solid content.”

The detail shops installing them will tell you they require no maintenance or yearly follow-up appointments. This is only a way for that shop to provide you with the cheapest, fastest, lowest quality experience and product.

Multi-Layer Professional Ceramic Coatings provide you with stronger, physical material when applied in properly timed intervals, will bond stronger and last longer than lower quality single layer coating systems.

Professional Ceramic Coatings Are Not Bullet Proof – They Need Maintenance.

It’s important to note that no ceramic coating is bulletproof, and even the best ones need maintenance. The higher-quality professional multi-layer ceramic coatings are designed with a range of hardnesses, allowing for a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to maintenance.

Single-layer coatings do not offer this benefit due to their lower level of protection. For several reasons, a requirement to return to the installer is required of all Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings.

The biggest reason we want to see you in our shop once a year is not to make a lot of money – it is to ensure that your ceramic coating is still working and performing as needed. The goal is to address any issues before they become a problem later.

In addition – we want to see you and get a chance to talk with you. We love our clients and want to hear about what you have going on!

What a Professional Ceramic Coating PA Shop Should Have

Professional Ceramic Coatings PA, such as Ceramic Pro ION, require that a business is capable of providing a few things before you can install it – first is a professional shop. A professional ceramic coating cannot be applied outdoors. Temperatures of the actual body panels of a vehicle must be maintained under 80* and above 65* degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature & Humidity Control Is Paramount.

The next is temperature and humidity control. If a shop doesn’t have temperature control such as heat or air conditioning, installing a professional ceramic coating will likely be extremely difficult.

You can actually install scratches in a car from improper temperate and humidity control. Maintaining the correct environment is paramount to installation success and quality.

Mastery Of Paint Correction Is Of The Utmost Importance.

An extremely high level of knowledge regarding vehicle paint systems, clear coat, and paint correction. Your vehicle only has a finite amount of clear coat from the factory paint job. Paint Correction (polishing and compounding) removes your clear coat, effectively moving the surface beyond the depth of any imperfections and scratches. This is how scratches are removed.

A low-quality shop will often be utilizing technicians without proper training and lackluster knowledge of how to use machine polishers. Unskilled technicians will often push too far and remove too much clear coat or use a tool or pad & polish combination incorrectly, often installing deep hazing, swirls, scratches & marring into the surface that becomes extremely difficult to remove.

Our Paint Correction Specialists must complete a rigorous paint correction training class by Ceramic Pro and our shop – Ceramic Pro Pottstown. They must demonstrate their skills in various tests and show the applied methodology they have learned.

Only AFTER the training classes and tests are completed may they touch your vehicle. Our Senior Paint Correction Specialists staff have a combined 15+ years of experience in paint correction. We only use Americana Global Elite Series Polishing Compounds in our shop, which are non-filling and water-based.

You Need Clear Coat For Ceramic Coating PA

When too much clear coat is removed, the base coat color of the vehicle is exposed and will begin to oxidize and fade quickly. This is called “burn through” or “burning the paint”. Burning the paint is a detailer’s worst nightmare and what every single detailer fears. Once the clear coat is burnt, the panel requires repainting.

With most of the OEM paint systems being metallic or tri-coat blend systems, that usually means you’ll have to pay to paint more than one panel. Aftermarket paint, even from the best of the best body shop, is NEVER EVER better than OEM.

A highly-skilled shop will utilize a paint depth gauge that measures the amount of clear coat on a vehicle and will advise you on the level of paint correction your vehicle will support. Any shop that says “we will remove all defects and make your car perfect” is flat-out not being honest with you and is also much more likely to damage your very expensive vehicle. A balance must be found for your vehicle and your wants and needs so that your clear coat is not compromised.

Being Certified In Ceramic Coating Installation Is Important

Ceramic Pro has trained all of our Ceramic Coating Technicians at their facility in Carls Bad, California. All production-level staffing must be certified for Ceramic Pro to allow them to install their coatings. A high level of skill and knowledge regarding the installation of Ceramic Coating is extremely important because, when installed incorrectly – very costly damage can be done to your vehicle.

What does a ceramic coating NOT do?

Ceramic coatings are very helpful for maintaining your vehicle, but not bulletproof. Even if the vehicle is protected with a ceramic coat, you still need to maintain it. Ceramic coatings are not scratchproof.

Most people claim ceramics have scratches-resistant properties, but this isn’t the case. Ceramic surfaces offer paint protection, however, they can’t withstand rocks, chips and other minor scratches.

Ceramic Coating PA Cost and Why You Shouldn’t Want The Cheapest

The installation of a quality ceramic coating is not cheap. There are indeed some shops out there offering “cheap” ceramic coatings and installations, however, in most cases – these can be the worst shops that you could ever use for your vehicle.

Cheap ceramic coatings will often be diluted versions of their more expensive counterparts or watered-down products offered by lesser-known companies. Furthermore, the installation methods employed by these shops will generally be inadequate for providing a quality install.

Don’t let price be your deciding factor when selecting a ceramic coating shop. You should always look for certified and highly trained technicians with years of experience in paint correction and ceramic coating applications with access to state-of-the-art equipment and a high-end facility.

Ceramic Coating PA Prices In Pottstown & Collegeville

Ceramic Coating PA Prices should typically range in the $1000-$3000 range, including at least a paint enhancement polish. They should include ceramic coating installed on the paint, exterior plastic trim, wheel faces & glass.

The cost of the ceramic coating  installation can vary depending on that shop’s skill level or the length of protection chosen, as most ceramic coatings are sold based on the years of protection they offer.

What determines the cost of a ceramic coating in PA?

Ceramic coating is usually a relatively low-priced component. Costs are higher due to the amount of labor, and the application process for ceramic coating is time-intensive. That is one of the reasons that prices vary significantly between vehicles.

Professional Detailing Products Are Important

At Ceramic Pro Pottstown, we only use Americana Global Professional Detailing Products. These products are non-filling and water-based, meaning they won’t leave behind a residue on your vehicle’s surface. They are also free of waxes and silicones, which can cause interference with the ceramic coating’s adhesion to the paintwork as well as cause staining or discoloration once cured.

If a shop is using cheap consumer-grade products that can be purchased off the shelf at Walmart or Autozone – this is a telltale sign that they are inexperienced. Low-quality consumer-grade products are not ideal for paint correction and can cause more damage than good.

Why not wax?

Although wax provides a shine that can enhance a vehicle’s paintwork, its longevity can’t be maintained. They are not as durable as a professional ceramic coating and won’t protect against the elements. While DIY car wax can be much cheaper than typical wax, the superior protection offered by these coatings is clear.

Preparation is Everything In The Ceramic Coating Process!

We take great pride in our preparation and detailing processes at Ceramic Pro Pottstown. Our technicians abide by strict guidelines when prepping a vehicle for ceramic coatings. Every inch of the paintwork is inspected with an LED light to ensure as many defects as possible are safely removed before coating.

We use specialized tools such as air sanders, foam blocks, clay bars, and polishing pads. Once the paint has been cleaned and polished to perfection (or as safely to perfection as possible) – the ceramic coating can be applied flawlessly without any imperfections or issues.

Why Our Ceramic Pro ION Is the Best Ceramic Coating in PA

Ceramic Pro ION is the Next Generation of Ceramic Protection Coatings for Cars. For years, ceramic coatings have been measured on the pencil hardness scale. That scale is still relevant, but the density of which SiO2 and TiO2 are packed into the ceramic coating is more important. Ceramic Pro ION is a true game changer in automotive surface protection.

How Ceramic Pro ION Ceramic Coating Works

Ceramic Pro ION has been manufactured using ION EXCHANGE TECHNOLOGY. This allows the cellular structure of the coating protective elements to move about freely and align themselves into a higher web of protection.

This web of protection is also called Cross Linking. The stronger the cross-linking bond and the more freely the particles can move and align within the Cross-Linking mechanism, the stronger and longer lasting the coating will be.

The ceramic particles naturally want to seek the most optimal alignment possible via positive and negatively charged ions inside the cellular structure of the coating. Weaker coatings prevent this by adding third-party additives to make their coating “easier to install” or “more consumer-friendly” and easier to wipe off.

Ceramic Pro ION gives you these benefits for your vehicle – Never having to wax again, easier to maintain as most dirt and grime rinses away easily with no use of harsh chemicals, your washing time being cut in half, added chemical resistance from things like bird bombs, bugs, road tar, brake dust & tree sap and added washing & drying marring resistance.

You Should Avoid Cheap Ceramic Coatings

The problem is that these additives prevent the ceramic particles from properly aligning during cross-linking. The real-world translatable side effect is the coating doesn’t provide adequate protection AND will fail very early.

Ceramic Pro Has An Unmatched Warranty

Ceramic Pro ION has an easy-to-understand warranty program. Most ceramic coating shops will offer you a warranty that is only valid if you return every 6 months. Ceramic Pro Pottstown offers Ceramic Pro Easy Warranty Program.

You can have what we call our “professional maintained warranty,” where you are requested that you return once a year so we can perform a check on your PPF or ceramic coating and install a maintenance product, OR you can have what we call “customer maintained warranty” where you can maintain it yourself.

Ceramic Pro ION

2 Layer Coating – 7 year warranty via professionally maintained service by Ceramic Pro Pottstown or another Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer with a once-a-year maintenance appointment OR 3 years customer maintained.


3 Layer Coating: Lifetime warranty via professionally maintained service by Ceramic Pro Pottstown or another Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer with a once-a-year maintenance appointment OR 7 years customer maintained.

The Warranty from Ceramic Pro is THE ONLY CarFax-verified Ceramic Coating on the market that is also transferable to the next private owner oh the vehicle – bringing you real tangible value when it comes time to sell your vehicle!

In conclusion – Ceramic Pro ION is the best ceramic coating on the market because of its density, durability, and warranty. It offers superior protection against elements that threaten to damage your vehicle’s paint finishing or surface. It also helps keep your car looking shiny and brand new for longer. You can find out more about Ceramic Pro ION at our shop or online to get an idea of ceramic coating prices. Don’t forget to ask us any questions you may have and we’ll be sure to provide you with the answers and advice you need!

If you’re interested in getting a ceramic coating applied by professionals with years of experience, come visit us at Ceramic Pro Pottstown today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get something ceramic-coated?

The cost of professional ceramic coatings depends on various factors, such as the location of the coating, desired level of protection, and whether painting correction is needed beforehand. Coatings can range from $1000 to $3000.

Are ceramic coatings worth the cost?

Yes, ceramic coatings are definitely worth the cost. They provide superior protection to your vehicle’s paint and surfaces from dirt, grime, chemical etching, UV rays, oxidation, contaminants and more.

Can I ceramic coat at home?

There are several consumer-grade ceramic coatings on the market – however, since the amount of prep involved is still the same, its recommended you have a professional ceramic coating installed so you don’t need to fix a failed low-quality coating several times a year.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Many mid-grade ceramic coatings can last between 2 and 5 years. Generally speaking, they can stay around ten years or even a lifetime, but it requires you to be very involved in the care of that vehicle, mainly by just washing it correctly. Many factors affect its lifespan, including mileage, storage, exposure to contaminants and wash habits.

Can you use Ceramic Coat on Paint Protection Film?

Yes, installing a ceramic coating on top of paint protection film is often very common. However, you must be sure that an actual paint protection film ceramic coating is being used on top of the film. Paint coatings can cause issues on various films relating to self-healing properties.

Do I need paint correction?

In general, paint correction is recommended on your vehicle. Is it a hard requirement? No it isn’t but getting the vehicle surface as clean as possible is very important, and paint correction not only makes your vehicle look good, it cleans the surface. Paint correction, however, should be entrusted to a professional shop only.


Most paint protection film starts at about $1200 for a partial front end, $2000 for a full front (hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, mirrors), and about $2750 for a track package (full front + rocker panels & partial a-pillar), the full body starts at roughly $7000.

What does a clear bra do for a car?

Clear Bra adds a protective barrier to protect your Porsche from rock chips, scratches and unsightly damage that detracts from its value and looks. 

How long does a clear bra last?

A clear bra can last for up to 12 years or even a lifetime depending on the product you have installed and the level of quality from the installation at the shop you choose.

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Gabe Fletcher

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