Why you should never shop for paint protection film on price. 

Paint Protection Film has become the industry standard for Tesla, LUCID, and Rivian vehicle owners. None of these cars come pre-loaded with Paint Protection Film Clear Bra from the factory. 

Tesla Paint Protection Film installed on Tesla Model Y Rear hatch at Ceramic Pro Pottstown

Paint protection film is the #1 way to protect your new vehicle and keep it looking new for years to come. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to jump into your Rivian or Tesla and not have to worry about everyone else on the road? You get to drive when you want, how you want and worry-free while doing it. I have learned that in this space, many people want Paint Protection Film but almost always don’t want to pay the price for it. We often get told we are higher than everyone else nearby – and that’s for a good reason. 

Ceramic Pro Pottstown installs Tesla Paint Protection Film

I’m going to explain to you why it’s important not to shop for paint protection film on price. 

Paint Protection Film in itself is extremely expensive. Paint Protection Film can cost a shop anywhere from $5 to $10 per square foot. Shops selling you “cheap” paint protection film options have either: 

a. low skill installers

b. low-quality material

c. aren’t taking the time to install correctly and are rushing. 

d. using really poor fitting computer cut ppf

Installing Matte Tesla Paint Protection Film can protect your vehicle and make it look great.

Shopping on price almost guarantees you end up paying to have it done twice. (nice rhyme, right?) You end up with very poorly installed computer cut kits from outdated dealer-based software, which include no wrapped edges and usually end up with visual defects like large bubbles and dirty and unsealed edges. 

Buying cheap paint protection film also means that you will repeatedly bring it back to that shop to have something fixed. Your time is valuable, and you should be working with a shop that also values your time enough to give you an excellent installation the first time. 

Ceramic Pro Pottstown installs Gloss and Matte Tesla Paint Protection

Low-priced PPF usually means older non-ceramic-infused films are used, which is now outdated technology. Non-ceramic infused paint protection films are notoriously known for staining and spotting. If a shop is quoting you low they also likely aren’t adding ceramic coating on top of the film to protect it for you. Our full body Tesla Paint Protection package includes one layer of Ceramic Coating to add additional protection to your PPF install. 

These are the price ranges you can expect to pay for Tesla Paint Protection: 

  • Partial Front:$1100-$1400
  • Full Front (Hood, Bumper, Fenders): $1800-$2400
  • “Track Pack”: $2700-$3300
  • Full Body: $6000-$10,000

Tesla Paint Protection installed on Red Tesla Model Y at Ceramic Pro Pottstown

At the end of the day, I recommend you place more value on your free time outside of work and with your family. Going back and forth to have issues fixed ultimately costs you much more in the long run. 

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Why Ceramic Pro Pottstown?


When you work with Ceramic Pro Pottstown, you are dealing with the shop that is going to be doing the work. That means that you don’t need to worry about the work being outsourced to a low-quality vendor. That means we are going to be installing exactly what you need to protect your new vehicle and keep it looking new using our plotter and custom paint protection film patterns.


We stand behind the products we install by providing a clear-cut, robust warranty program and setting very clear expectations of what you can expect from an install with us. Be wary of shops who talk about the products other shops are using. If they are selling you on feature sets, stay far away.


We strive to provide the best possible customer service experience. From start to finish we follow our solution-oriented service selection process, communicating with you throughout the job and post job competition. Customer service does not stop at the front door.

I take the process for each and every vehicle that we work on very seriously. I am truly humbled and honored to be allowed to work with my client’s prized possessions and am extremely grateful to be able to provide these services. To be selected for this service


Our Window Films, Paint Protection Films, and Ceramic Coatings are for TRAINED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. They require specific training to apply correctly and are of extremely high quality. I stand behind each of our installations and after quite literally testing all of the different products on the market – we know Ceramic Pro IS a product you can count on. I invite you to come and see for yourself.


I pride myself on providing education to all of our clients about what a quality PPF installation looks like. There are plenty of shops in the area that will take your money, sell you product features and immediately talk trash about other shops’ products. (Highly advise you walk away from those shops) I will be the only one to give it to you straight – feature sets between products are similar and so is the quality. What matters long-term is the installation technique used.


Our technicians follow standard operating procedures so that they know exactly what to do with every vehicle that comes through my shop. This allows our crew to focus on always enhancing their skillset and being dedicated to providing you with a quality installation and top-tier service.

Your new Tesla deserves the best protection and we know that Paint Protection Film is not something you want to take lightly. It’s important for us too! That’s why our team will do everything in their power to make sure this job is done correctly. You should choose a shop that chooses high quality over speed when applying Paint Protection Film on your Tesla.


I take the time to educate our clients on exactly how to care for their vehicle after having window film, paint protection film or a ceramic coating installed. I have taken the time to create professional quality instructional videos and written guides for each of my clients so that they know exactly how to handle their vehicle.


My team & I love what we do. We are an extremely privledged team of dedicated people that love this industry. We live, eat and breath this life and we live and die by every single car that comes through our shop. I’m not afraid to say that our crew is some of if not THE BEST at what they do. We are educators in our industry and we breath the knowledge we seek and teach in to every single car.


-Gabe Fletcher – Owner Operatore of Ceramic Pro Pottstown @ Total Detailing possesses a massive passion for everything automotive. Since starting his business in 2020, has grown at a rate never before seen in this industry. Featured on CeramicPro.com as a featured detailer, has show cased the business growth with UrAble’s URSTORY and recently featured in PPF Magazine in his first debute in industry publication with his article titled “Peer Beyond The Polisher”. Gabe is a certified Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating, & KAVACA Paint Protection Film Installer. His eye for quality is unmatched in the market he and his shop serve. Gabe also operates a consulting agency DETAILING GROWTH that provides training and business consulting services for detailing and film shops across the country. Gabe is also a partner in a training academy named The Detailing Workshop NORTHEAST which provides industry leading training services for detailers and newer business operators. Gabe chooses to lead our industry from the front, blazing his own path. This passion bleeds down into the shop, customer service experience and team members. 

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