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Choosing a Window Tint shop for your new vehicle can be difficult. Ceramic Pro Pottstown specializes in Carbon Color Stable Window Tint and Nano-Ceramic IR Window Tint for all makes & models – domestic, European & Exotic vehicles

Why should I install window tint on my vehicle in Glen Mills?

We recommend installing Ceramic Pro KAVACA CS & KAVACA IR Window films.

Installing window tint on your new vehicle has a few benefits. The biggest one is privacy. You want to feel less like you are in a fishbowl in your vehicle.

Does window tint really block heat in my car

Absolutely yes. Window film contains layers of film, carbon, and nanoceramics to prevent all of the sun’s energy from entering your vehicle. There will be times when you get in your vehicle and it feels hot even after having window tint installed. The difference is the TTC or Time To Comfort. TTC is reduced significantly in a vehicle that has window tint installed.

Will window film block cancer-causing UV rays?

YES! Our Ceramic Pro KAVACA Films block cancer-causing UV rays. That’s especially important if you have children as they are much more prone to UV exposure. Ceramic Pro KAVACA IR is SPF500 rated, blocking 99% of cancer-causing UV radiation.

    Will my vehicle cool down much faster?

    Absolutely. Less UV energy is absorbed into the vehicle interior after window tint has been installed.

    Can you tint the panoramic sunroof in my vehicle in Glen Mills, PA?

    YES! We can install our KAVACA window film on your sunroof in your vehicle.

    Can you tint the front windshield?

    YES! We also cover and seal the dash to prevent any liquid from dripping into the dashboard. We can install our 55% CS or our 70% IR.

    Will window tint reduce the chances of glass shattering on my Tesla?

    YES! Our KAVACA Window Film is safety rated – when you get into an accident or if someone attempts to break into your vehicle. The window film can help keep the glass together -making it harder for the glass to shatter. This means that less flying debris to hurt the occupants during an accident. It also means that a car thief will have a harder time reaching the handle if they smash the glass. KAVACA Is the only safety-rated window film on the market.

    Will window film interfere with my cellular & wifi signals?

    Some window films are metalized and do contain metallic particles that can interfere with radio and cellular signals. Our KAVACA CS & IR however are interference-free non-metalized films. So rest assured, either one will give you a quality experience.


    Reasons to choose Ceramic Pro Pottstown for your Window Tint

    • Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Film – We are a Ceramic Pro Elite location and we only install Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Tint. Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Tint is the industry’s most advanced window tint with a lifetime warranty!
    • Our Custom Computer Cut Film – This ensures that your window seals and door trim are not cut during the window tinting films installation process. Our computer cut kits are customized to ensure the perfect fit.
    • NO GAPS! – You shouldn’t settle for less.
    • Lifetime Warranty – Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Tint comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed NOT to FADE, nor turn purple. No bubbling, no peeling, and no cracking for the LIFETIME of the Film. You get the benefits of great looks, outstanding heat rejection, and UV filtering for the long haul.

    Best Window Tint Pricing Glen Mills, PA

    Ceramic Pro KAVACA CS Window Film Features:

    • INCREASED COMFORT: KAVACA Carbon CS window film contains a proprietary blend of non-metallic nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials which results in blocking up to 70% of the infrared heat that reaches the inside of your vehicle – so your vehicle stays much cooler. 
    • INCREASED PRIVACY: KAVACA Carbon Color Stable window tint film offers the most durable and best performing tint dyes while also providing increased clarity from the inside. This increases your privacy without obstructing your view of the road.
    • UVA/UVB PROTECTION: KAVACA Carbon Color Stable is formulated to prevent skin damage as well as skin cancer. Rated at SPF500, KAVACA Carbon CS blocks 99%+ of damaging UV radiation. This protects you, your passengers, and the interior of your vehicle keeping your investment looking better for longer.
    • ZERO SIGNAL INTERFERENCE: Radio, GPS, & Bluetooth signals will have zero interference due to the use of non-metallic nano-carbon technology. This means the heat rejection and UV filtering is done with microscopic carbon particles rather than metals.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: KAVACA Carbon Color Stable is guaranteed not to fade or turn purple. No bubbling, no peeling and no cracking for the LIFETIME of the Film. Rest assured, you get long term great looks, outstanding color, heat rejection and UV filtering.

    If you’re looking for the best Window Tinting Near Me, Ceramic Pro has you covered. We employ the area’s best film installers and we don’t “cut corners” during our installations. We know that we can deliver a better product VS our competition, every time.

    Reasons to choose Ceramic Pro for your Window Tint

    • Top tier quality: Our tint installs are top tier and are of the utmost quality. 
    • NO GAPS! You shouldn’t settle for less and have the best quality window tint.
    • We use High Quality, Color-Stable, Ceramic & IR Window Film with UV inhibitors to keep your tint from fading or discoloring and keep your interior cool in the summer!
    • Our window film installations include a lifetime warranty against film defects when looking for Window Tinting Collegeville.


    Ceramic Pro Pottstown offers the best Window Tinting Near Me in Montgomery & Chester County. Total Detailing offers high-quality window tinting PA and High-Quality window films in your rear window. Total Detailing offers 3 tiers of window film connected to help you achieve the heat rejection, aesthetic look, and protection that you want. Learn more about Total Detailing by visiting our About Us page.

    We pride ourselves on providing you with top-tier commercial window tinting and residential window tinting service and look forward to tinting your next vehicle.. Contact us today!


    Signs Of Bad Window Tinting


    A tell-tale sign of a bad window tint install is large gaps at the top of your window or in the corners. Gaps are a sign of either cutting by hand on the exterior of the glass, using a sub-par computer cut kit, or simply rushing the installation.


    Bubbling is a sure sign of a very poor-quality installation of window tint film. It’s caused by a few different issues. The biggest reasons are improper removal of slip solution, a contaminated surface, or a low-quality window tint film.

    Crease Marks

    Improper loading and installation of window tint will often leave crease marks behind. This is a classic sign of improper prep and poor education surrounding install techniques. 

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